Interview with Michael Carter: CEO and co-founder of EZZY Game project

In this interview, we hear from Michael Carter, the CEO and co-founder of the EZZY Game project. Michael shares his journey of creating the game, assembling a team, and introducing it to the audience. EZZY Game is an M2E (move-to-earn) game that allows players to receive tokens for living a healthy lifestyle, such as walking or playing a simple game. Michael talks about the project's utility, goals, and plans for the future, as well as his own experience in the crypto business. He also shares his thoughts on criticism, success, and his greatest fear. Overall, Michael's story provides insight into the creation of a successful game and the mindset needed to make it happen.


Jack:  Tell us who you are.

Michael Carter:  I'm Michael Carter. I'm a CEO and a co-founder of the EZZY Game project. Also, since 2016, I've been using cryptocurrencies and taking part in different projects. 

Jack: How did you decide to do the project?

Michael Carter: I had never developed or created a project before. In fact, I had had very little influence and had implemented only other people's ideas. That's why I had always wanted to make something of my own. Once I started talking about that with my friend Francek and we decided to create our own project. Then we came up with an idea and assembled the team. That's how it all began. 

Jack: How did you assemble the team?

Michael Carter: Like all other teams:) One part of the team consists of friends and acquaintances with whom we got acquainted in other projects. As for the other part, we found them on Linkedin and other similar websites. 

Jack: What was your first audience?

Michael Carter: The first audience were the participants of other M2E projects who learnt about EZZY Game. At the start, we didn't have many resources so we asked scouts to promote the project in different chats. People got interested and entered the project.

Jack: Tell us about the creation of the project (its creator, how the idea came about, how long it took)

Michael Carter: As I said before, my friend Francek and I decided to make our own project. Francek proposed to make an M2E project. It was supposed to be the simplest M2E. He wanted to make it different from other M2E which were too complex and difficult to understand and required large investments. It took us about a month to develop the idea. Then we moved on to the implementation. Our aim and main mission are to make it easier while others make it harder! That's what we're doing now.

Jack: Tell us about the project

Michael Carter: EZZY Game is the easiest move-to-earn and play-to-earn game! This is an application that allows you to get rewards for walking in the open air or for playing a simple game if you don't feel like walking. You get EZZY Game Sneakers, start a training session or play a game in the app and get EZY tokens. 

For example, you go to the store, put the phone in your pocket, and get rewards. In other words, you receive tokens for routine activities. 

You need to walk for 10 minutes a day. You receive a reward every day, and after your Sneakers wear out (in 10 days), you receive more tokens than you spent on the Sneakers. 

If you don't feel like walking, it's not a big deal: just play the game from the comfort of your couch and get tokens. 

The project was launched in November 2022.  We took into account the mistakes of other M2E apps in order to create a really high-quality and simple game that will have no complicated mechanics and will bring rewards to users. 

Jack: What are your goals?

Michael Carter: Our goal is to change public opinion about M2E and P2E games; to show how simple these games can be and how products based on smart and interesting tokenomics and having no complicated mechanics can grow. We want to become a leader in this industry and increase the number of users to catch up with such giants as Stepn and Walken! 

Jack: What is the usefulness of the project?

Michael Carter: As for the utility of the project, it allows anyone to receive tokens for living a healthy lifestyle and not only that The project is really simple and has a low enter threshold, so anyone can try it! If you are tired, sick and the weather is bad — you can play a simple game without losing anything like in other projects.

Jack: What are the plans for the current year?

Michael Carter: We plan to release about 10 big EZZY Game updates that will transform the game, make it easier and more convenient, and add new opportunities and interesting features. See details in the Roadmap on the website In March, we plan to release a major update followed by an update of the Roadmap. 

Jack:  How did you come into the crypto business?

Michael Carter: Before 2016, I had been a successful businessman, owned a café and a store, and I intended to continue developing and expanding these businesses. But a friend told me about Bitcoin and its prospects. I started to dig deeper into this issue, bought a mining farm and earned a hefty amount on growth in 2017. Over time, I sold my real-life businesses and invested all my funds in various cryptocurrency projects to earn a lot more. Now I want to help others to learn more about this using a simple and easy-to-understand EZZY Game app. 

Jack:  What were the problems in creating the project?

Michael Carter: The main problem was the distrust of the audience. People lost faith in M2E after the Stepn price dropped, and then the bear market started. However, the uniqueness and simplicity helped the project reach the first audience and continue to grow at a fast pace. We showed people that EZZY Game was something new and they could trust it, and confirmed it in practice. 

What did you do before creating the project?

I took part in various crypto and NFT projects. Basically, I was a user and a business advisor. 

Jack: What difficulties did you encounter in the project? How did you overcome them?

Michael Carter: One of the difficulties was tightening Apple's policy on crypto projects. We had to develop the app very carefully so that Apple would add it to its store. 

Jack: What is your relationship with your team?

There is no rigid hierarchy or control. We work together on the same idea and we perform all the tasks together. We are a friendly team. It is another reason why EZZY Game is growing and developing successfully.

Jack: What three books would you advise each person to read? Or movies.

Michael Carter:  

  • TV show – Dragon Ball Z  
  • Book – Life Without Borders
  • Film – Run, Forrest, Run

All these works motivate you to succeed, show you people or characters who overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This philosophy is very close to my heart. 

Jack: Tell us about your greatest fear.

Michael Carter: Just like anyone dealing with cryptocurrency: waking up and seeing BTC or EZY (in my case) selling at $0 🙂

13. Do you consider yourself a successful project?

Michael Carter: Yes and no. On the one hand, we have managed to overcome a lot of difficulties at the start and have achieved a sustainable and confident growth. This is a huge success for any starting project. On the other hand, we still have goals to achieve. Our journey is just starting — we have a long road ahead that we need to travel to become leaders on the market.  

Jack:  Have you ever wanted to start from scratch?

Michael Carter:  No, I haven't. I've always believed that EZZY Game will achieve success eventually. Even in the worst times, I didn't want to give up, but I tried to do everything to ensure further growth of the project. 

Jack: Tell us about the best piece of advice that got you good results.

Michael Carter: As a child, I was bad at Chemistry. I skipped Chemistry classes, got bad grades because I was sure that I couldn't change anything, that's why I didn't even try to understand it. When my granddad found out about the missed lessons and bad grades, he didn't punish me, he just told me: "Until you take the first step, you will stay where you are in life. But if you take the first step, even an unsuccessful one, you will be one step closer." I started learning through failure. A year later, I was the best student in Chemistry. Therefore, when I started EZZY game I was absolutely sure that if I put a lot of effort into something, I would definitely see the results. 

Jack: How do you respond to criticism of yourself?

Michael Carter: I love it! Criticism always makes you think about how you work, change something and become better. In EZZY Game, we are always open to criticism and suggestions users send to us in the chats. Taking into account players' opinions helps us improve the game. 

Jack:  Tell us about the hardest decision you have ever made.

Michael Carter: If we talk about cryptocurrency: the most difficult decision I made was buying my first mining farm. It was very risky and expensive, but I took the risk and it paid off.

Jack: Tell us about your first job.

My first job was a waiter. I worked part time at university. In this job, I gained valuable experience of dealing with all kinds of people. These skills helped me interact with the team when we were developing EZZY Game.

Jack: Would you rather do the job you love and get little money for it, or do something you have no passion for and earn a decent living at it?

Michael Carter: I would undoubtedly prefer to do what I love. I honestly believe, no matter what you do, if you become a professional, your business will ensure your well-being. That's why I devote all my time to developing EZZY Game. 

Jack: With which project can you compare yourself?

Michael Carter:  Only with EZZY Game! We have a unique project which, at least for me personally, is the best in the world.

Thank you for sharing your insights, Michael. It's great to hear about your journey in creating and growing EZZY Game. I wish you and your team continued success in achieving your goals and making an impact in the M2E and P2E game industry.

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