June 22, 2022

How to  participate in DAO Maker SHO

DAO Maker has published the rules of participation and detailed instructions on how to participate in SHO in its telegram channel

To participate in SHO

 Register account (https://daomaker.com/register), Complete the KYC process (If you have not done so already).
■ Buy (https://learn.daomaker.com/buy) $DAO token (min 2000) >
■ Connect Wallet.
■ Make yourself familiar with the staking FAQ (can be found below staking UI) and Hodl requirements (type !hodl for detailed explanation)
■ Stake 2k $DAO (minimum staking period is 30 days). There is no cool-down period, stakers can participate in SHOs immediately after.
■ Participate.

To participate in PUBLIC SHO:

■ Register account (https://daomaker.com/register), Complete the KYC process (If you have not done so already).
■ Connect Wallet.
■ Hold $2500+ worth of tokens across EVM networks in your wallet
■ Staked Tokens in compatible Farms / Pools will also be counted.
■ Connect Twitter account and follow Twitter accounts listed for Social Score Bonus.
■ Make yourself familiar with the FAQ.
■ Go to Research Page, and Participate in Public SHO.
■ share your referral link to get extra winning chances

If you would like to learn more about the differences between DAO SHOs & Public SHOs, type !difference in the main chat and the relevant information will be displayed.

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