March 31, 2023

FTX customers received a newsletter with information on refunds

  • The letter includes a unique user code and an account balance
  • It also contains a link to the alleged case file
  • The email could be a real email or a phishing attempt

FTX customers received letters this week purportedly from the exchange. They say that the court will soon set a deadline for filing refund requests, after which users will be sent further instructions.

Members of Incrypted's editorial team also received such a letter, cited:

«You have been sent this notice because you have been identified as a customer with a positive account balance as at 11 November 2022 of one or more debtors in the bankruptcy case of FTX Trading Ltd».

The filings further state that the exchange and affiliates filed a list of assets and liabilities on 14 and 15 March. And the court can now set a deadline for filing for refunds.

You can see the full text in the screenshot:

A unique customer code and balance balance is enclosed at the end of the letter:

There is also a link to allegedly detailed information about the case, the «Schedules & SOFA» article in the «Quick Links» section.

The FTX has not confirmed the mailing. The letter is quite possibly unofficial, so we do not recommend clicking on the link. But at the same time, it gives hope that the exchange clients will be compensated.

 However, do not be overconfident. The example of Mt.Gox showed that payouts can last for years.

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