Litecoin Wallet | Investing in Litecoin with a LTC Wallet! — 2022

Would you like to start buying Litecoin and store it somewhere safe? In this article we will help you choose a Litecoin wallet and you can start buying Litecoin right away!

In this article you will learn all about the Litecoin wallet including the pros and cons of various Litecoin wallets.

What is Litecoin Wallet?

Your cryptocurrency wallet is a kind of digital bank account which you can manage yourself. The main difference is that with Litecoin wallet you are not dependent on banks or other financial institutions to manage your funds, because with the Litecoin wallet you are your own bank.

Litecoin is a digital currency which you cannot, for example, store in a bank or hide somewhere, it is not physical. You can only store and manage them with a corresponding cryptocurrency wallet.

These coins are stored on a digital address and can only be sent by the person who is in possession of the corresponding secret key.

How do I buy Litecoin with Litecoin Wallet?

Would you like to start buying Litecoin but could use some help on how best to do so? Below we will explain step by step how to buy cryptocurrency.

In addition, we also list some of our recommended cryptocurrency brokers, so you can trade in cryptos on a safe platform.

Step 1 – Choose an online broker

The quickest and easiest way to buy Litecoin is through an online broker. There are many different brokers to choose from.

There are a large number of different brokers and they all offer different trading products. Furthermore, it is very important that a broker is regulated by at least one regulatory authority.

Do you want to buy crypto currencies, but don't know yet through which broker? Below is an overview of good regulated brokers.


eToro is highly recommended for trading in cryptocurrency. eToro has been around since 2007 and has a wide range of markets in which you can invest.

For example, you can invest in stocks and ETFs at 0% commission, and you can also find CFDs, indices, currencies, various commodities and crypto currencies.

In addition, at eToro you have the option to first practice for a while with a free demo account. You can learn to invest in Litecoin risk free and explore the platform.

You can also learn from other investors with copytrade. With this you automatically copy their trades, and thus see what works for the best.At eToro is your minimum deposit € 42, - which is a very big advantage. This low entry rate allows you to start investing without running a great risk. Also, the broker is regulated.


Libertex logo

A major competitor of Capital: Libertex. This CFD specialist has been in the business for years.

At Libertex you invest in CFD's on numerous products (250+) such as all known crypto currencies, stocks but also ETF's, commodities and currencies. Libertex has millions of users and is very active in, for example, the sponsorship of football clubs.

It is regulated by the CySEC, and with years of experience and multiple broking awards in recent years, it is clear that investing with Libertex is an excellent and reliable choice.

Another broker is The broker has only existed since 2016 but has experienced enormous growth and specialises in CFDs. is especially advantageous for beginners because the platform is very clear and user-friendly. They also offer various tools which makes analysis very easy.

Part of the company is based in Cyprus where it is also supervised by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This makes it possible for to be used in Europe.

It is also regulated by the FCA which allows the broker to prove its safety.

At you can trade various trading products including stocks, currencies, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and indices. All this in the form of CFDs.


Plus500 is a specialist in CFD's or Contracts for Difference. At Plus500 you can trade Litecoin as a CFD.

As a trader, you speculate whether the Crytocurrency price will go down or up.

On Plus500's clear dashboard you can easily find your open transactions. This way you can keep an eye on what is happening with your investments, and assess whether you should buy or sell.

Plus500 also offers a number of analysis tools that will give you greater insight into where the market is going. These tools are mainly for experienced investors.

Plus500 also offers the use of a demo account. A demo account allows you to trade with virtual money, giving you the opportunity to learn how to trade without risk and to explore the platform.

As you trade CFDs, you have a number of choices that affect the risk you take with your investment. You can choose to use low leverage, stop-loss or take-profit.

At Plus500, you can easily add funds to your account, including via iDeal, PayPal or credit card. At this broker too, you can start with a minimum of €100.

Want to know more about this broker? Then read our Plus500 review. Or get started and open an account today.


The largest crypto exchange in the world is Binance. At this exchange, you will find the largest selection of crypto currencies, including Litecoin.

Binance was once founded in China, but nowadays it operates all over the world. However, the company is not allowed to operate in the United States due to legislation.

Partly because Binance is the largest crypto exchange, it has been able to make major developments in recent years. For example, it has introduced a number of its own coins to the market and more and more additional applications to manage your crypto portfolio even better.

This is not a suitable broker for investors who are interested in other trading products such as shares, commodities or forex trading in addition to Litecoin.

Step 2 – Create an account

Creating an account at eToro is very easy. You go to eToro's site and click on "Sign up now". You can also create an account via eToro's mobile app.

Initially, at eToro you only need an email address and password. With this account you can immediately use the demo options, with virtual money you can already get started.

If you want to invest with real money, you must further verify yourself by sending a copy of your identity document and an extensive questionnaire that tests your knowledge.

These are about 15 questions after which you get a message whether or not you have enough experience. If your experience is insufficient, you can still open an account by clicking on 'approve'.

Step 3 – Depositing money into your account

Depositing money at eToro can be done easily via the usual payment methods. Among others, you can choose credit card, iDeal, PayPal and bank transfer.

The money is then added to your eToro account. This can happen within a few hours, but some payment options take a little longer.

The latest duration is a few working days, but usually you can start investing immediately.

Step 4 – Choose and buy Litecoin

Once you have deposited money into your account, you can begin to buy Litecoin!

You can easily do this by searching the Litecoin (LTC) market, within this market you can invest in the currency by clicking on 'open position'.

You will then be given the choice of how much money you wish to invest, what leverage you wish to add and whether you wish to use a stop-loss or take-profit.

Once you have made your choice click on 'Buy' and you will have opened the position.

Step 5 – Store Litecoin in online Litecoin Wallet

Litecoin can be stored in an online Litecoin wallet. On eToro you can store your Litecoin in your online Litecoin wallet. Once you have accepted the licence agreement you can use your wallet.

You must wait a few seconds for the wallet to synchronise and after it has synchronised with the network you can use your online Litecoin wallet.

Completed all steps and want to invest in Litecoin? Create a free account at eToro.

How do I use the Litecoin Wallet?

There are multiple Litecoin wallets available. These range from digital pallets (online Litecoin wallet) which you can access via your phone and computer, to actual physical hardware wallets.

Below are a number of types of wallets and their features.

Online Litecoin Wallet

An online Litecoin wallet is a crypto wallet which can be accessed via the internet. You do not need to install any special software or a particular application for this. The online wallet is therefore accessible at all times.

Partly because the online Litecoin wallet is so easily accessible and because it gives you the ability to trade directly with your crypto, the use of this online Litecoin wallet is very popular with both short-term crypto investors and those who practice day trading.

Software Litecoin Wallet

Software wallets are popular because they are easy to use but offer more security than the online Litecoin Wallet. A software Litecoin wallet comes in the form of a computer program that you download which can then be used to store crypto coins that the wallet is suitable for.

The software wallet is safely stored on your computer as long as you protect it properly and do not download any malicious software or viruses. If you lose access to the wallet, you can restore it with the seed phrase.

This is a recovery phrase of random words which you can always use to recover the wallet, so don't share it with anyone else).

Mobile Litecoin Wallet

A mobile wallet, as the name suggests, is a very portable wallet which allows you to easily access your Litecoin anywhere.

The name mobile wallet makes it seem like your smartphone is the wallet, but this is a little more complicated. Litecoin resides on the blockchain.

Each time you open a wallet for Litecoin you are issued an access key, the private key, consisting of a series of numbers and letters.

With this series you can prove ownership of the Litecoin stored in the Litecoin mobile wallet.

Full node Litecoin Wallet

These are nodes which actually support and secure the cryptic network, therefore they are truly indispensable.

Because of this they are also called full nodes as they are responsible for verifying transactions and blocks against the consensus rules of the system.

Full nodes normally download a copy of the crypto-blockchain containing every block and transaction. It is also possible to be seen as a full node by using a "slimmed down" copy of the blockchain depending on how the node is set up.

Hardware Litecoin Wallet

A hardware wallet is the best way to securely store your crypto currency. This is the best way to optimize for both security and ease of use.

The advantage of this wallet is that it is the most secure wallet available and it offers a lot of options. The disadvantage is that it is less accessible and very expensive.

Best Litecoin Wallet

By category above we have listed the best Litecoin wallet for you. Thus LiteVault is the best Litecoin wallet as an online wallet. This wallet is very user friendly and reliable. An excellent online wallet so.

The best Litecoin wallet as a software wallet is Exodus. As an investor you have probably heard of it, it is one of the best known online Litecoin wallets in the world. You can say that this is the best Litecoin wallet.

Exodus Mobile is the best Litecoin wallet for the mobile phone. Again this is an Exodus wallet, so the best Litecoin wallet for mobile.

Litecoin Core is the best Litecoin wallet as a Full node wallet. This is also a very well known Litecoin wallet that many investors use.

Finally we have Ledger and Trezer. These are the best Litecoin wallet in terms of hardware wallets.

Always do your own research in advance for the best Litecoin wallet. Everyone's wallet is different, so keep this in mind with your research.

Ready to get started with a Litecoin Wallet? Create an account at eToro to immediately start investing in Litecoin!

Installing Litecoin Wallet

Installing Litecoin on the hardware wallet is very easy, this is done within a few steps.

You will need a computer/laptop with Bitcoin & Altcoin software installed in Chrome Browser. Finally you will also need the Litecoin application.

This is included with most wallets or can be found on the manufacturer's site. The installation goes as follows:

  • Connect the hardware wallet, sometimes this only goes via a USB connection, more expensive wallets go via a Bluetooth connection
  • Open the software with which you can manage your hardware wallet
  • Then you can add the hardware wallet to the extension
  • Finally, you only have to select the right wallet

Pros and Cons Online Litecoin Wallet


  • Less vulnerable to hackers
  • Higher transaction speed through your own wallet
  • Less susceptible to fraud
  • Low transaction fees


  • Litecoin mining consumes a large amount of working memory

Tips Before Using the Online Litecoin Wallet

It is important that you educate yourself well before you start sending or receiving crypto in your wallet. You need to do this safely and properly, otherwise you may lose your crypto.

A tip is therefore to double check your transactions. When you transfer crypto money, check your data at least twice, especially the receiving address is important.

Be aware of fluctuations, especially if you are just starting out. Therefore, only invest the money that you can possibly afford to lose, because you can lose dozens of percent just like that.

Would you like to invest immediately in numerous cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin? Create a free account at eToro and get started!


When you buy crypto currencies you can store them in your Litecoin Wallet (LTC). This is a kind of digital bank account which you have complete control over and which is not dependent on banks or other financial institutions.

Litecoin is a digital currency, not a physical coin. You can store it in a corresponding cryptocurrency wallet or you can store it in your portfolio at a broker.

At eToro, you can safely and easily store all your cryptocurrencies in your portfolio.


What is the best Litecoin Wallet?

Hardware wallets are the best choice for storing your Litecoin. The Ledger Nano X is the best Litecoin wallet as a hardware wallet.

The Ledger Nano S is the most popular crypto hardware wallet.

Can I withdraw Litecoin?

You can easily withdraw your wallet. Navigate to your wallet and click on 'withdraw'. Select Litecoin wallet in 'Withdraw from' and select the withdrawal address or add a new withdrawal address.

What can I do with Litecoin?

You can use Litecoin to buy goods, services or to invest in other cryptocurrencies among other things.

How long does it take to mine 1 Litecoin?

Litecoin has a block time of 2.5 minutes compared to Bitcoin's block time of 10 minutes.  So with the right set, Litecoin is 4x faster than Bitcoin. The correct block reward for Litecoin is 25 LTC.

Which Litecoin wallet is best for beginners?

If you only have Litecoin and are still a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency it is useful to choose the wallet of a broker or an exchange so you can always access it and sell it immediately. Another suitable option is to download and use Litecoin's own wallet, which is the most convenient if you only own Litecoin.


Cryptocurrency trading entails a high risk and is not suited for all investors. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, degree of experience, and risk appetite before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose because there is a chance that you will lose some or all of your initial investment.

You should be aware of all the dangers connected with cryptocurrency trading and seek counsel from a financial expert who is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency exchange. This website's BitQT review, opinions, news, research, analysis, pricing, and other information are offered as general market commentary and do not represent investment advice.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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