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What Is Jaxx wallet?

Jaxx is a cross-platform multi-wallet cryptocurrency wallet. The Jaxx platform has been under development since 2014 by Decentral Inc of Toronto, Canada. Its founder, Anthony Di Iorio, is also known as the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain.

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Advantages and disadvantages



  • Simple, modern interface
  • Creation of backups allowing for quick recovery of the entire cryptocurrency wallet
  • Easy access recovery
  • Full device synchronisation
  • Open code available for users to study
  • No fiat currencies
  • Significant commissions in the integrated bitcoin exchange ShapeShift

About the wallet

About the wallet

Jaxx Wallet is a multi-currency universal cryptocurrency vault. It was created by the Canadian company Decentral Inc in 2014. For about 2 years the specialists have been developing the product, making additions, testing changes and optimizing its functionality. The beta version was released in winter 2016. Since that time the cross-platform multicurrency crypto-purse has become well-known and popular.

Jaxx can be used on different devices, as there are 3 versions of the wallet on its official website:

  • Mobile
  • Browser
  • Desktop

The Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is very interesting, as evidenced by a number of its unusual qualities.

A huge listing of cryptocurrencies supported by the system. These are, of course, bitcoin, and various altcoins. Groups of cryptocurrencies that can be stored, converted and used through the Jaxx wallet:

  • Top ones - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and others.
  • Popular ones - EOS, Monaco, Qtum.
  • Non-Wide Coins - Storm, Wax, Civic, Sonm, Augur, Cofoundit, Maecenas, etc.

Jaxx wallet is cross-platform. You can use the wallet from different devices with the appropriate version of the cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Desktop software is the most popular option for PCs (Mac/Linux/Windows systems)
  • Browser extension for Chrome
  • Mobile app (iOS/Android systems)

ShapeShift integrated exchanger. You can convert digital coins directly from your vault, without having to go to cryptocurrency exchanges or specialised online services separately.

High reliability and perfect security. User data is protected by the best cryptographic solutions. Private keys are held exclusively by the owner of the crypto wallet. There is PIN protection and an option to copy keys to save them off-line.

Jaxx installation and setup

Jaxx installation and setup

In order to use Jaxx crypto wallet, you need to install it. You need to follow a simple sequence of actions:

  • On the base page of the official website of the project jaxx.io select the required version in the "Downloads" section
  • Download the archive onto your device
  • Start the automatic installation by following the software recommendations
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Select "New wallet" from options
  • Specify the type of wallet to be created for cryptocurrencies - "Express" (Quick) or "Custom" (Full). Further we will consider second option at once
  • Select crypto wallets for coins you wish to use
  • Set your balance currency - GBP, USD, EUR, etc.
  • Copy the seed phrase and reproduce this information by placing copies in secretly secure places
  • Enter your seed phrase into the input field
  • Set secret password (4 digits of PIN code) to optimize protection of your account and funds. It is a voluntary setting. System asks for such a code when you make transactions with digital coins
  • Watch video instruction demonstrating principles and nuances of work with Jaxx crypto-purse

Jaxx wallet interface

Jaxx wallet interface

Jaxx's interface is uncluttered. The important blocks are as follows:

  • The digital asset selection bar is an active menu that specifies the desired cryptocurrency. After that, the current balance and cryptocurrency wallet address of the specified coin is shown. If enabled, the fiat currency account is also presented
  • "Receive", "Exchange" as well as "Send" - buttons that activate the corresponding options
  • Internal wallet QR code window for quick and convenient operations with a particular currency
  • General menu (on the right side of the interface) for personal settings, seed-phrase view, getting private keys, wallet synchronization, crypto-account address lists, cache clearing, etc.

How to view the seed phrase and private keys

If the user did not save the seed phrase when installing Jaxx Wallet, you can view it again by going to the main menu (Menu - Tools - Backup Wallet). You will need to write down the 12 words in a safe place in order to regain access.

How to view the seed phrase and private keys

Private keys can also be viewed under "Menu" - "Display Private Key". You must also press "I understand" and select a cryptocurrency. Each public key has its own private key. The public key is publicly available and must be specified when transferring cryptocurrency to the wallet from another location. The private keys must not be shared with anyone, which gives full access to the cryptocurrency.

Private keys

Jaxx wallet backup

Another important action is backing up Jaxx, which is done using a seed phrase, which is a kind of password for key recovery and access to the wallet.

To back up your wallet do the following: go to Menu, Tools, Backup Wallet and confirm the action with a 12-word mnemonic phrase.

Funding a Jaxx wallet

Depositing any cryptocurrency account in Jaxx is not difficult. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to "Receive"
  • Copy the wallet address of the digital coin you want to deposit or use the QR code
  • Provide your crypto wallet address in the special request field, i.e. when you make a transaction from somewhere in Jaxx wallet
  • Confirm the transfer

Exchange in Jaxx wallet

If the need arises, fast cryptocurrency exchange is possible in any version of Jaxx. The procedure is simple:

  • Navigate to the "Exchange" section
  • In the central line select necessary virtual currencies
  • Enter amount of coins in "Enter amount" field
  • Submit a request by clicking on the "Exchange" button

That's it. The order will be processed quickly, and the cryptocurrency will go straight into the appropriate account. If no internal wallet has been created for the coin beforehand, the system will first remind you of this problem and no conversion will take place.

Jaxx wallet coin withdrawal

As fiat currency is not listed in Jaxx wallet listing, you can withdraw available cryptocurrencies. The step by step process is simple:

  • Go to "Send"
  • Enter recipient address into "Recipient address"
  • Enter number of crypto coins to be sent
  • Press "Send"


Jaxx Wallet is a cross-platform, full-featured and simple storage for cryptocurrencies. It offers the necessary options - receiving cryptocurrencies, storing digital currency, converting and transferring them. The service is characterised by sufficient reliability, stability, as well as ease of use. Existing flaws are systematically eliminated or minimized. Overall, Jaxx Crypto Wallet is suitable for any cryptocurrency holder.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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