The 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo

Blockchain Expo Tokyo

The 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo [Autumn] is one of the largest exhibitions that will take place from 27th October 2021 (Wednesday) to 29th October 2021 (Friday) in the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex, Chiba, Japan. The exhibition is estimated to gather 150 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors from all around the world and will be organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

The Japanese market is expected to expand to JPY 123.5 trillion by 2030 and therefore offers ample potential for success in businesses. The 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo [Autumn] can be defined as a trade show for blockchain technologies of all types. Blockchain, the underlying distributed ledger technology of Bitcoin, has piqued the curiosity of innovators, venture capital companies, investment firms, and other businesses. The possible uses for blockchain technology are vast, covering almost every sector and encompassing a wide variety of services.

The 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo [Autumn] will begin at 10:00 and end at 18:00. Only 29th October 2021, will have an exception where the event will begin at the same time, 10:00, and end an hour earlier at 17:00. The three-day exhibition will be based on blockchain technologies, token economy, applications, services, technical support, consulting, etc. Concurrent to this exhibition two more trade shows will be held, namely, the 2nd AI Expo Tokyo [Autumn] and the 2nd Quantum Computing Expo Tokyo [Autumn].

This will be the second event in the series of Blockchain Expo Tokyo. Previous to the 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo [Autumn], one exhibition took place, namely the 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo [Spring]. The previous exhibition was organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd at Aomi Halls, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, from 7th April 2021 (Wednesday) to 9th April 2021 (Friday). The latest blockchain technologies were showcased to visitors from all around the world. Along with this exhibition, two more were also held. They were the 5th AI Expo Tokyo [Spring] and the 2nd Quantum Computing Expo Tokyo [Autumn]. According to Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., the total number of visitors for all three days summed up to 13,641. These visitors included the on-site registrants, VIP registrants, and special guests.


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Why You Should Participate

Throughout the three-day event, exhibitors will include international companies offering the following services and technologies:

  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Application, Service (Risk Management, Supply Chain, Digital Content Management, Protection, Settlement, Transfer System)
  • Token Economy
  • Technical Support, Consulting
  • System Development, etc.

In the visitor’s category, professionals from the following industries will be attending the event:

  • Communication, IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Media, Gaming
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Government, Organization, etc.

Therefore, the exhibition will provide an ideal environment conduction efficient business matching to:

  • Introduce new technologies, applications, services, and products
  • Conduct active meetings to discuss and gather ideas on how to utilize the technologies, applications, services, and products
  • Find partners and develop quality business relationships for joint development
  • Find potential customers and generate sales


The following companies chose to exhibit their services and products at past exhibitions:

  • Hitachi
  • Solidware
  • Ghelia
  • SenseTime Japan
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Grid
  • DataRobot Japan


  • Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)
  • Japan Blockchain Association (JPA)


The 2nd Blockchain Expo Tokyo exhibition will be organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. It organizes the highest number of exhibitions in Japan, with an average yearly count of over 250 exhibitions. Reed Exhibition was founded in August 1986 and is now spread over 24 locations all over the globe.

The global enterprise is known for successfully organizing professional trade shows every year covering a range of industries, including fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, gift items, medical, IT, energy, education, construction, and electronics. They strive to arrange successful exhibitions that directly lead to their exhibitors' business and contribute to the activation and internationalization of each sector. Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. has organized several successful events, including 3D & Virtual Reality Expo, the Events & Amusement Expo, Manufacturing World Japan, etc.


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  • Blockchain Business & Solution (BBS)
  • COINPOST Japan Blockchain Media
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