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One of the Security Tokens Realised events is going to take place in Singapore on November 16-17. The conference is a part of the Data Realised series of events that promote understanding the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of digital assets. A big focus is placed on the security of decentralized debt, equity, funds, structured products, and derivatives.

This event will tackle the question of how we can re-engineer capital markets using blockchain. For this, speakers from fintech, blockchain, investment banking, and the wider ecosystem will discuss opportunities in traditional securities for alternative assets and funds.

Security Tokens Realised Singapore will include keynote speakers who will select in-depth case studies and panel discussions on niche topics. For those working in institutional investment, there will be an opportunity to get first-hand insight from market participants as well as peers.

For institutional investors, this will be an opportune scenario for both first-hand insights from industry players as well as peer-to-peer conversations.

There will be four key areas:

  • Digitalization of capital markets for banks and financial institutions
  • Affect of blockchain technology on the trading infrastructure
  • New offerings and fundraising in innovation investment
  • Digitalization of currencies

In addition to those looking for an in-depth look at investing in digital assets, other parties that would benefit from this conference would be:

  • Projects looking for an exchange to join;
  • Those concerned with the next generation of electronic trading;
  • Digital platform ecosystems.

The target audience for Security Tokens Realised are investment bankers, institutional investors, asset managers, fund managers, broker-dealers, and family offices. But it’s not about all participants of traditional markets - it’s only for those willing to facilitate smart securities (security tokens) and promote new developments. It’s also about the prospects, opportunities, and realities of where the global community is headed.


To be confirmed.

Past speakers:

  • Olivier Dang is the Global Chief Operating Officer for the Wholesale Digital Office of Nomura
  • Swen Werner, Part of State Street's Digital Product Development and Innovation team
  • Deepak Mehra, Director within the Markets & Securities Services (M&SS) business at Citi
  • Sharon Yuen, Head of Strategic Alliances, ASEAN & Greater China at R3
  • Christian Labetzsch, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Blocksize

Why You Should Attend

  • In-depth conversations about the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of finance
  • Pre-vetted audience of executive peers;
  • Highly engaged investment and finance community;
  • One-of-a-kind networking opportunities.

It’s also important to note that a hybrid event is currently the best model for organizing events. Considering the restrictions for physical attendance and the need for social distancing, there will be a senior onsite audience only. For the safety of the larger audience, a stage/studio environment will be utilized on a virtual event platform. This way, the conference makes it possible to provide live content as well as allow attendees to visit the virtual exhibition.


  • The Current State of Global Digital Currencies and Stablecoins
  • Panel Discussion - The Blockchain Facilitated Security Token Business Case (How should financial institutions continue to explore security tokens, what business challenges are slowing the adoption, the opportunities and concerns for financial institutions, the role of institutional investors, emerging trends)
  • Driving Revenue Through Blockchain & Other Technology Implementations
  • How Blockchain and Tokenization will Disrupt Financial Markets
  • Tokenization in Practice
  • Compliance in Digital Capital Markets
  • Panel Discussion - Security Tokens, Regulation, and Legal Consideration (global regulation compliance in different jurisdictions, the role of established exchanges, platforms, and legal firms, key issues for governments and other stakeholders, what regulators need to see)
  • Why Do We Need Security Token Specific Blockchain Platforms? Use Cases: Tokenizing Art, K-Pop, and Other Assets
  • Age of Asset Tokenization: Decentralization vs. Regulation


The line-up will be announced soon.

Previous attendees:

  • Credit Suisse
  • ING
  • Tellurian
  • IMF Finance SA
  • Barkleys
  • Morgan Stanley
  • State Street


  • Tokeny Solutions
  • Archax
  • CoFounder Venture Studios
  • Global Digital Finance


The company behind this event is called Juliet Media, and it works with B2B clients looking for video-based content. Some of the most notable past events have been in the digital, fintech, and communications sectors, such as Ericsson, Oracle, and Tokeny solutions.

For this event to happen, Juliet Media leverages digital media and partners with industry-leading associations and producers. They are responsible for creating and distributing video content of the conference on a global basis.

Media Partners

  • Chipin
  • NewsAffinity
  • CoinsTelegram
  • Bitcoin Mexico
  • Crypto Glode
  • CoinDataFlow
  • Crypto A.M.
  • Coin360
  • Asia Token Fund



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