European Blockchain Convention

European Blockchain Convention

On April 12-16, 2021, European Blockchain Convention brought together 120 speakers and 2,000 virtual attendees at the biggest meeting point of the blockchain industry in the region. The event consisted of 30 panels that took place over the course of 5 days. All conference sessions with more than 40 hours of video content are now available on demand for €169 + VAT.

Within the EBC 2021 Virtual Event, participants got access to engaging keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and high-level networking. And even though the networking is provided in recorded sessions, you can still connect with tech leaders, regulators, investors, corporations, developers, and entrepreneurs. By opening your eyes to the revolutionary potential of blockchain, they make important breakthroughs in real data sovereignty.

The combination of participants creates a unique setting to foster the dialog that is going to help everyone make informed decisions. You will learn where innovations are headed, what the next round of regulations may be, and a lot more.

This convention has a different point of view with a wide amount of experts where they exchanged not only knowledge but also practical experience. The topics covered everything from enterprise use cases creator economy to the stablecoin opinions and regulatory acceptability.

Top 3 Speakers

Heather Leigh Flannery

Heather Leigh Flannery

ConsenSys Health, Founder & CEO
Jan Ceyssens

Jan Ceyssens

European Commission, Head of Unit
Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili

European Parliament, Member

All Speakers

The list of speakers includes but is not limited to:

  • Dr. Jörg Kukies, German Ministry of Finance, State Secretary
  • Dotun Rominiyi, London Stock Exchange, Blockchain Strategy
  • Francisco Maroto, BBVA, Blockchain Lead
  • Teana Baker-Taylor,, UK General Manager
  • Kim Schneider, Rabobank, Blockchain Specialist
  • Raphael Auer, Bank for International Settlements, Principal Economist, Innovation and Digital Economy
  • Nadia Hewett, World Economic Forum, Data for Common Purpose and Blockchain
  • Peteris Zilgalvis, European Commission, Digital Innovation & Blockchain
  • Mariana Gospodinova,, European General Manager
  • Martin Diehl, Deutsche Bundesbank, Head Payment Systems Analysis
  • Shiv Malik, Streamr, Head of Growth
  • Monica Singer, ConsenSys, Global Head of Partnership
  • Peter Kerstens, European Commission, Advisor for Financial Sector Digitalisation and Cybersecurity
  • Jeanine Jue, R3, Head of Developer Relations & Education
  • Johann Bornman, ConsenSys, Product Lead of Metamask Institutional
  • Arthur Breitman, Tezos, Early Architect
  • Thomas Moser, Swiss National Bank, Alternate Member of the Governing Board

Why Should You Participate?

The most influential Blockchain event in Europe featured discussions on a wide range of topics:

  • How capital markets move from issuing securities in dematerialized format to natively digital;
  • Which measures and proposals will impact existing financial providers and new entities;
  • How Central Banks could issue a CBDC if desired;
  • How the lines between DeFi and CeFi are not as clear as one might think;
  • Collaboration and interaction for accelerating the development of low-carbon energy;
  • New, interdependent ownership mechanisms of NFTs and DAOs that combine the best of both worlds - legacy and creator economy.


Day 1 (not a full list):

  • The Emergence of a New Type of Network
  • The Tokenization of Financial Assets is Finally Here. Are you ready?
  • What’s Next for Payments Regulation in Europe
  • Blockchain Startups – A New Dimension for VCs

Day 2:

  • Healthcare Data Privacy and Ownership
  • Powering Clinical Trials with IoT and Blockchain
  • Can Blockchain Prevent the Problem of Counterfeit Drugs?
  • Verifiable Credentials for COVID-19 Data Management

Day 3:

  • CBDCs in Europe. Anytime soon?
  • Private Sector and its Opportunity to Shape CBDCs
  • Crypto Asset Regulation: EU vs. the USA vs. Asia
  • CBDCs: Research, Design, and Lessons Learned

Day 4:

  • A Developer’s View Into Blockchain Network Architecture
  • Complex Blockchain Infrastructures, Scalability, and Interoperability
  • Why 86% of Enterprise Blockchain Implementations Fail?
  • Governance of Large Scale Blockchain-Based Solutions

Day 5:

  • How to Control Our Ever-Expanding Digital Footprint?
  • Where Do We Stand on Self-Sovereign Identity?
  • Blockchain Moves to the Public Sector
  • Public & Private Sector Collaboration in the Blockchain Space


  • University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg Schweinfurt
  • Soverio
  • Swisscom Blockchain
  • KuppingerCole Analysts
  • DATEV eG
  • Jobchain
  • Rubix Network
  • Conio
  • Gemini


  • Barcinno
  • BRBN
  • Ledger Insights
  • International Standardization Association
  • Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association
  • Alastria
  • Crypto Valley
  • European Blockchain Association
  • Italia4Blockchain


In 2017, founders Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón launched EBC with the goal of accelerating the European blockchain ecosystem. Since then, they have organized six offline and online events, bringing together the world’s brightest minds.



Program Details (Daniel Salmeron)

Phone: +34 605 031 944

Email: [email protected]

Partnerships Info (Victoria Gago)

Phone: +34 656 930 910

Email: [email protected]

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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