One of the most anticipated spring events in the DeFi space took place on March 5th 2021 - The Conference.Exchanges Online. This was the third event of this conference series with the slogan “The pandemic cannot stop decentralization”. The first one was in Singapore on November 19th (150 people, 13 speakers, 10 countries) and the second one - in Amsterdam on March 2020 (200 people, 15 speakers, 13 countries).

As can be expected, the outbreak and worldwide spread of COVID-19 did not leave a choice - the conference could only happen in an online format. However, the quality was not affected.

Conference.Exchanges extends gratitude to speakers. With some of the leading companies on the market - 1inch, Maker Foundation, Bitstamp, Kraken, CEX.IO, HACKEN,, Binance - the conference delivered an information-packed experience. However, this isn’t a full list of those who contributed to the conference meetings and interacted constructively across differences and divides. The sponsors - Bitstamp, Nash, Acria.Network, and Itez - are also a big part of why the conference was not canceled in current trying conditions.

The schedule for Conference.Exchanges’ was extremely busy, and you can watch the full 7-hour video online.

Top-3 Speakers

Gustav Arentoft

Gustav Arentoft

Business Development, Maker Foundation
Deniz Omer

Deniz Omer

Head of Ecosystem Growth, Kyber.Network
Teana Baker-Taylor

Teana Baker-Taylor

General Manager,

All Speakers

  • Ajit Tripathi, Head of Institutional Business, Aave
  • Sergej Kunz, Co-founder & Ceo, 1inch
  • Eitan Katchka, Head Of Ecosystem Development, B.Protocol
  • Diana Pires, SVP, Crypto.Com
  • David Gogel, Growth Lead, Dydx
  • James Simpson, Co-founder, Mstable
  • Maximilian Marenbach, Head of Banking and Payments, Kraken
  • Danish Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer, Bitcoin.Com Exchange
  • Maria Stankevich, Head of Business Development, Exmo
  • Dmitriy Budorin, Chief Executive Officer, Hacken
  • Yvan Nasr, Co-founder, Omniscia.Io
  • Arjun Kalsy, VP of Growth, Polygon (FKA Matic)
  • Alex Lebed, Chief Technical Officer, Xsigma Dex
  • Dominik Ernst, Chief Executive Officer, Acria Network
  • Chris Aruliah, Head of Business Development, Bitstamp
  • Esfandiar Benjamin Lagevardi, Full-time Trader & Liquidity Provider
  • Eugene Loza, Aka Excavo, Top-1 Trader By Tradingview

Why You Should Attend

  • Get a unique opportunity to learn about the future of the cryptomarket;
  • Find out what industry leaders think and how the crypto will be heavily influenced by their decisions;
  • Look back at 2020 as the year of DeFi;
  • Listen to representatives of the major DeFi companies about how the industry transitioned into 2021;
  • Analyze why decentralized exchanges offer stronger competition to their centralized counterparts;
  • Learn more about the shift in volumes and users’ numbers in current DEXes;
  • Navigate new challenges and opportunities for arbitrage trading;
  • Figure out solutions and answers to a predictable increase in fraud attempts involving digital assets.


Part 1: Crypto world in 2021 Plans & expectations

  • Discussion Panel "Crypto world in 2021" moderated by M. Stable James Simpson
  • Accepting fiat for crypto business in a new way
  • Bridging the gap between fiat and crypto
  • Nash, Kellogg Fairbank

Part 2: DeFi market 2021

  • DeFi is a new Fintech
  • Bridging Blockchain and the Real World
  • Discussion Panel "DeFi market 2021" moderated by Guilherme Jovanovic

Part 3: DEX vs. CEX

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) activity analysis in centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • DEX Aggregation
  • Discussion Panel "Dex vs Cex" moderated by Tim Frost, YIELD

Part 4: Arbitrage & trading strategies

  • Discussion Panel "Arbitrage & trading strategies"
  • bloXroute, a low-latency network for DeFi

Part 5: Security frauds

  • Security aspects of institutional level DeFi investments
  • Cybersecurity ranking of TOP 100 cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Discussion Panel "Security Frauds" moderated by Dmitriy Budorin

Part 6: Regulation & legal issues

  • Regulation & legal issues
  • How DeFi is solving the stakeholder problem in finance
  • The Law of DAOs


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AroundB helps cutting-edge companies by building communities of like-minded people and organizing professional business events both online and offline. For Conference.Exchanges, they did:

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  • Sales (tickets, sponsors, exhibitors)
  • PR, SMM, and content creation
  • Speaker acquisition and conference agenda

Media Partners

  • Token 2049
  • Blockchance Conference Hamburg
  • CoinAgenda Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investing
  • Blockchain Life

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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