BII Summit Dubai 2021

BII Summit is a specialized event for crypto investors that want to harness the power of blockchain technology. This year, it will take place in Dubai on 29th September 2021 in Dubai World Trade Center, where 100+ exhibitors and speakers from the Middle East will gather to share their insights, network, and build long-lasting connections.

For attendees, it’s a unique opportunity to spot emerging trends and startups to make early, potentially profitable investments and receive an in-depth introduction into the development of the blockchain industry.

Since BII Summit is a conference held specifically for the Middle East investors, it will gather top representatives of the emerging financial hub of Dubai. Being in the center of the current trends, Dubai houses specialists with deep expertise in the niche that can share their techniques of spotting out profitable investments early. Place yourself at the forefront of blockchain projects in the region and take inspiration from one of the world's first blockchain-based government initiatives.

The event mostly focuses on CEOs, which means there will be tons of valuable insights not only about the industry and technologies but also about management and emerging trends. Moreover, a lot of speakers are representatives of financial organizations with deep hands-on experience in investments. With all of this, attendees will have a unique chance to learn from the gurus of investment to optimize the strategies and boost profits.

Top 3 Speakers

Christian Kameir

Christian Kameir

Sustany Capital, Managing Partner
Anton Gloub

Anton Gloub

Flovtec, CEO and Co-Founder
Andre Charles Legendre

Andre Charles Legendre

Kalima Systems, Founder

All Speakers

  • Dana Farbo, Augmate, COO and Investor
  • Misha Hanin, DeevDive.Tech, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Alexander Geralis, cXchange, Chief Product Officer
  • Frank S. Cha, DataXchain, Chief Operating Officer
  • Issam Kassabieh, Menacorp, Senior Financial Analyst & Spokesperson
  • Khalid Parekh, Amchart, CEO and Founder
  • Miguel Angel Parada, Ideasreward, CEO
  • Stefan Schmidt, Unibright, CTO
  • Jon Leonard, Tautachrome, CEO
  • Ekaterina Volkova, Priority Token, VP of Investments and Finance
  • Adam McBride, Def Foundation, Co-Founder
  • Daniel Gouldman, Ternio, Co-Founder
  • Amine Sabri, Ernst & Young, Senior Manager
  • Waleed Al Dhuhoori, Dubai Health Authority, Head of Corporate Applications
  • Sergiu Draganus, CryptoCoin.Pro, Founder
  • Thomas Reck, Insight, Founder & Chief Strategist
  • Simon Cocking, Irish Tech News, Founder and Senior Editor
  • Sally Eaves, Emergent Technology, CTO and Thought Leader
  • Jeffe Koumbou F, Global Investment Trading, Head of Innovation & Dev
  • Khaled Alkalbani, Ideaology, Founder & CEO
  • Ralph Liu, MuleChain, Inc., Founder and CEO
  • Sonny Mohanty, LATOKEN Regional Director
  • Dr. Mohan Lal Agarwal, NTPC School of Business, Professor
  • Justas Pikelis, Monetha, Co-Founder President
  • Mohammed Arif Ansari, TokenVisory, Co-Founder
  • Arutyun Nazaryan, Bistox Exchange, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Zina Ashour, iOWN Group, Co-Founder & Marketing Director
  • Marco Pagani,, Founder and CEO
  • Johannes Gugl, Aaro Capital, Partner
  • Misha Hanin, DeepDive.Tech, CEO and Co-Founder

Why You Should Attend

  • Gain leading knowledge about the recent advancements in the blockchain industry
  • Find future “unicorns” before the competition notices them
  • Learn about innovation opportunities in the blockchain industry
  • Establish profitable long-term partnerships through networking


The one-day event has prepared a lot of presentations from speakers, who will share their experience and insights about the development of blockchain technology in their field.

Besides, attendees will be able to observe a panel discussion: “How far blockchain has come in the mainstream business and technology world”, where eight speakers in total will share their thoughts on the topic. In the end, there will be a networking session.


  • Sustany Capital
  • DeevDive.Tech
  • Flovtec
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Bistox Exchange
  • Aaro Capital


  • Gold Coin Reserve (GCR)
  • Flovtec
  • Deep Dive Technology
  • Sustany Capital
  • Aaro Capital
  • Kalima Systems
  • Wizkey


BII Summit is an event that connects blockchain companies and investors to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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