January 18, 2023

MetaMask adds ETH-stacking via Lido and Rocket Pool

On Friday, January 13, the MetaMask platform announced the launch of ETH staking programs through Portfolio Dapp. Users will be able to bet through two providers, Lido and Rocket Pool.

The designated platforms are leading the way in their segment. Both offer the possibility of staking for a relatively small commission of 0.01 ETH.

Betting node management is only available with a deposit of at least 32 ETH. Despite this, and the fact that all assets in the staking program will be "locked up" until March, the innovation is popular.

By depositing ether through providers, the user receives stETH or rETH, depending on the service provider. Both are freely tradable on the open market, and can also be exchanged through MetaMask's swap program, but with a fee.

The deposited ether will bring some passive income to the user. Well, after the release of the Shanghai mainnet this March, the owner of the capital will be free to withdraw it.

We also remind that MetaMask offers bridge aggregator services to choose the most favorable conditions for crosschain transactions.

Read more about ETH stacking via MetaMask here. Note that ConsenSys declined to comment on the possibility of integrating other betting programs.

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