It’s Time to Put on the Samurai Helmet

Virtual reality has made significant progress in the past decade, but recent years have been a pivotal turning point for this technology. Bulky headsets connected to massive gaming setups that made users feel nauseous due to lag are a thing of the past. Instead, modern headsets are becoming more affordable, better in quality, and accessible to a wider audience, paving the way for more innovation and advancement.

We find ourselves in an exciting time for metaverse game development, and Kusunoki Samurai, our creation, is a virtual reality game that aims to provide a fully immersive experience into the world of 14th-century Japan. The game follows the story of the renowned samurai, Kusunoki Masashige, allowing users to relive the experience of ancient Japanese fighting with vivid detail. Thanks to the incredible advancements in virtual reality, we can finally achieve this vision.

What We’re Trying to Achieve with Kusunoki Samurai

Our goal with Kusunoki Samurai is to make players feel like they are wearing the samurai's helmet when they put on their headsets. Our designers have worked tirelessly to create an experience that raises the hairs on the back of players' arms each time they put on the headset. Our goal is to transport players to an entirely new world where they can escape their current reality and have an experience that they never thought possible.

This is the promise of virtual reality and metaverse games in general. Some refer to it as an "empathy machine" because it allows players to be placed in someone else's shoes and experience life in vivid detail. These experiences elevate storytelling to the next level, creating long-lasting impressions on the players.

Our success will be measured by our ability to make players feel like they are the samurai and experience the same emotions that they felt.

How Full Immersion Will Change the Nature of Gaming

As we have been developing Kusunoki Samurai, we have contemplated how full immersion in virtual reality will change the nature of gaming. We seem to be at a crossroads where we are moving from 2D gaming to a virtual reality world where players can fully embody the characters they are playing with.

The advancements in haptic technology, sound design, and AI-supported rendering will make games as close to photo-realistic as possible, leading to interesting debates about players losing themselves in virtual worlds. However, the concerns around this outcome are exaggerated. Fully immersive games will offer a level of enjoyment that surpasses what is possible on a flat screen.

We are excited to be part of this transition and eagerly anticipate where the industry goes from here.

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