December 1, 2021

Guild of Guardians developers sell $5.3m worth of tokens

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Guild of Guardians developers sell $5.3m worth of tokens

The developers of the upcoming mobile NFT game Guild of Guardians (GOG) conducted a token sale on Coinlist on October 30, which resulted in them raising $5.3 million.

Interestingly, the subscription to buy GEM tokens was exceeded 82 times. Some 808,000 users from more than 100 countries registered for the campaign. Residents of Canada, the US, Australia and China were not allowed to participate in the token distribution due to local laws.

A total of 1 billion GEM tokens were issued, some of which were sold and the remaining coins will be distributed to users of the game after its launch.

The first launch of the game under the Play-to-earn model is planned for early 2022. Already 400,000 users have registered on the platform and are waiting for the game to launch.

The game is being created by Ukrainian developer Stepico games in partnership with the Immutable X team, a second-tier NFT scaling solution for Ethereum that is supported by Galaxy Digital and Coinbase.

Nicholas Kelland, head of marketing at Immutable, said GOG is launching on mobile devices so that most people will have access to the game.

Not everyone has powerful gaming devices. So a mobile game was a logical choice for us.

The success of the initial sale of GEM tokens has a lot to do with the growing popularity of Play-to-earn games. At GOG, every game asset that users own is a tradable and exchangeable NFT.

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