Brad Lander

NYC Council Member Brad Lander represents Brooklyn’s 39th District. Brad’s role as founding co-chair of the Council’s Progressive Caucus, and his leadership in efforts to advance progressive policies at City Hall was covered by The New York Times. Brad has fought successfully to reform discriminatory practices in the NYPD; win living wage jobs and paid sick days; protect manufacturing jobs; and reform regulations to create affordable housing. Recently Brad released a report on “Raising the Floor for Workers in the Gig Economy,” which presents policy tools for cities seeking to protect gig workers from wage theft and discrimination, provide access to portable benefits, and establish new frameworks for worker organizing. These tools include the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which provides a right to full and timely payment, along with new tools for enforcement, and amendments to the NYC Human Rights law to clarify that employment protections apply to independent and contingent workers.