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We are pleased to inform you that Bitcoin Trading ( and the World Congress of The Bachelier Finance Society ( are joining forces on decentralized finance. Our joint objective is to increase the involvement of blockchain and everything related to cryptocurrency in the global financial market.
The World Congress of The Bachelier Finance Society is a renowned conference dedicated to current issues of the financial world. Through our joint efforts, we plan to:

  • increase the involvement of small and medium-sized businesses in cryptocurrency projects,
  • motivate large businesses to invest in decentralized assets,
  • inform clients about news in the blockchain world.

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Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies Congress Topics: all about cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain
1. Strategies of large investment funds on the cryptocurrency market / How to choose projects for investment?
2. bitcoin as the basis of the cryptocurrency industry. The future of bitcoin.
3. altcoins - which coins will take off, and which await oblivion. Ethereum, Litecoin, SHIBA INU, GHST, BNB, Polygon, #MINT, DAO Maker discussion
4. GameFi - blockchain game industry - where the market is going, what cryptocurrencies and tokens will be involved. AxieInfinity, DEfi Warriors, Aavegotchi
5. Defi - all decentralized finance
6. Crypto Launcpads, DAO, IDO, IGO - new cryptocurrency investment models
7. We will pay special attention to automated crypto bots. Special guest is the most famous automated cryptocurrency trading company from UK - bitcoin loophole review uk

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Participants of the congress

Meet the heads of international companies in the industry and build effective collaborations. All the insights on trends and new ways to make money will be heard from the stage, in the exhibit and on the sidelines.

Learn how to make money by investing free money in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Be the first to implement blockchain into your business and increase your income.

Learn about all the stages of project creation and promotion and win investors' attention by presenting your project in a startup competition. Learn how to quickly list your token on the world's largest crypto exchanges and properly manage the value of your token.

Find blockchain development customers and learn about innovative solutions in the field. Thousands of participants are in need of blockchain development, and getting to know them personally will play a significant role in their choice of contractor.

Meet famous crypto traders and developers of cryptocurrency trading software and creators of auto crypto bots.