BitProfit Review: Is the Software Safe or a Scam in the UK 2022?

Software type: AI Trading bot

Supported Cryptos

Payment methods

Minimal deposit: $250

Software cost:  Free

Profit ratio:  80%

Support:  Email


BitProfit Review:

BitProfit is a fairly new platform in the autotrading market, and so far it has shown great promise. From the accuracy of the algorithm to the non-existent commissions; quite a lot has helped this cryptobot attract attention.

Key  Features:

  • User-friendly website
  • Free to use
  • High level of security
  • Free demo options
  • Saving time due to algorithmic trading

You may not like:

  • Risk of total loss is high

Affiliate disclosure: 



Ease of Use




We did the BitProfit test to find out how to get started with crypto trading using the BitProfit trading software.

We were also able to find Bit Profit experiences in the forum and have also included them here in our BitProfit test. For impatient readers, there is of course also the BitProfit account opening explained in a short tutorial. Numbers, data and facts, such as the BitProfit price are still on top, now here with us.

What Is BitProfit?

BitProfit may sound like 'Mark' from teleshopping trying to sell his car polish and a set of bits to 'unsuspecting passers-by' again. But there is much more behind the Bit Profit trading system. The trading platform has focused on the best bitcoindeals and allows investors with little experience to profit from investing in bitcoindeals.

BitProfit experiences show, according to the provider's website, that with the help of the BitProfit trading system, the hit rate is up to 80%. How does BitProfit achieve this result? It is obvious how the BitProfit price can be better than what an individual investor with a private life, family, and possibly other social and professional obligations would pay. 

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What Are the Key Principles of the BitProfit Software?

The software is 99% automated, you don't need to be a cryptocurrency expert or a trader. The robot performs all transactions and at the end you can keep track of your winnings or just check them. After closing, just log into your "wallet", which will not only have a summary of your purchases, but also a detailed profit for the day.

Is BitProfit Safe to Put Money In?

BitProfit is reliable and not a scam at all. We have tested the platform ourselves by registering and trading in real time. The broker BitProfit cooperates with are all top-notch. They are also supervised by bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Services Board (FSB) and the Financial Services Board (FAB).

Time-Honored Algorithms

For crypto investors, now is the time to create a system that will generate profits. The AI outperforms conventional trading systems and has already earned huge success a priori. The developers behind it claim that the system works by predicting future trends at a time-leap.

You can trust that the accuracy of these calculations is among the highest on the market. In fact, they achieve a result that is above average. What's more, some people claim they are up to 99.4%.

High-Quality Crypto Trading Platform

Be sure to check out the professional certifications & awards some sites have.

High Level of Security

Security was one of the factors when designing this website. Since it provides a foolproof system for keeping everyone’s information protected, it also has helped in providing peace of mind for potential clients who might be investing. It's protected by robust encryption and adheres to the worldwide accepted data protection measures, such as the GDPR.

Another important component is brokers. The company doesn’t provide their names, but ensures that they always operate within the laws of the jurisdiction.

Simple and Fast Payouts

We needed to test how easy it is to pass money from this system. We found it's as easy as getting any other cryptocurrency. This matters for businesses for any reason that need quick access to funds in large numbers. Users can go ahead and invest in the binary options market with ease. The money will appear on the account right after their sign-up. Users then can withdraw it just as easy at any point in time, typically within 24 hours





  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Advantages and Disadvantages of BitProfit



  • Simple and easy registration procedure
  • Fast payouts and withdrawals
  • Accuracy of the algorithm
  • Free demo options to test the functionality without paying a dime
  • Customizable settings
  • Supports multiple deposit methods
  • Risk of total loss is high

Is the BitProfit profitable in the UK?

Advantages like the easy registration, the selection of cryptocurrencies or even the well-developed and quickly accessible customer service promise you a good experience when using the platform. So, all in all, we can recommend this trading platform to you, because it shows itself to be reputable and with great potential.

We would still like to give you on the way, that they before the use of their real money, get experience and make an accurate picture of the various crypto trading platforms. This way, you can individually filter out the option that best suits your needs and thus achieve successful and easy side income.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Trading on BitProfit

The next thing you might want to know is how you can start cryptocurrency trading on BitProfit. After all, no one wants to struggle through a complicated interface trying to make their first trade. So, here is our guide on where to begin.

Step 1 - Sign Up

The first step is the registration process, which is completely free. All you need to do in this step is to go to the app, click on the "Register" button and fill out the form. After you click on the "Continue" button, you will immediately get in touch with the personal broker, who will guide you from the very beginning and explain all the further processes.

Here it is worth mentioning that during the registration process you will have to provide only the basic information about yourself. So even if you are a newbie, you can simply proceed by providing your full name, email and contact information in the fields.

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Step 2 - Try a Demo Account

If you are still confused and want to know more about the functionality, you can opt for the demo trading options. With this facility, you can dive into this platform without spending any real money.

It also serves as a learning option for the new and inexperienced users who have little knowledge about how bitcoin trading actually works. We recommend using the demo options even if you are a professional. It gives you a chance to experience the platform, observe its authenticity and live trading options.

Step 3 - Start Live Trading by Depositing Your Funds

After clearly going through the account, observing the demo trading features and experiencing its interface without spending any money, you can now proceed with the money deposit process.

When you open the dashboard, you will notice that the interface is simple with various options from trading history, live transactions and other panels on trading.

Here, it is worth mentioning that you should proceed with the minimum deposit of £250/€250 if you want to activate the live trading feature. We strongly recommend that you start with the minimum deposit as it will keep you on the safe side while you learn how to trade with this software. It is an even more suitable option for people who are new to bitcoin trading and can't handle large amounts at first.





  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Fees, Limits, and Payment Options on BitProfit

How much does BitProfit cost?

BitProfit is free to use. There are no subscription fees or deposit charges. The platform only requires a $250 minimum investment when starting live trading. This helps maximize the potential of users and protect them from losing money throughout their trading experience. Partner brokers may take a cut on the profits made from trading, but they charge little commissions.

What are the payment methods accepted by BitProfit?

To use BitProfit, a trader needs to make a minimum deposit of $250 into their account. The available methods for depositing funds include:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency wallets

To withdraw your money, you'll need to submit a request. It will take about 24-48 hours for the funds to be loaded onto your bank account after you've submitted your ID.

Does BitProfit also charge fees and commissions?

No. The system is free to use and there are no added costs or fees associated with it. However, there might be a commission on withdrawals depending on the broker you're lending your money too.

BitProfit trade sizes and limits

You can make any number of trades on BitProfit and there's no deposit or withdrawal limit. You will be able to choose from a variety of trade sizes depending on how much you are willing to risk.





  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Some Tips for Newbies

Your crypto trading debut is certainly a stressful event if you aren’t familiar with the system, with the cryptocurrency trading market, and probably even with coins. To help you adjust successfully, we have prepared a list of tips for crypto beginners:

Practice comes first. Before going live and trading for real money, practice for a couple of days with Bitcoin Rejoin demo account. You will not only familiarize yourself with the platform but also understand the basics of trading.

Expand your knowledge. Even if you decide to auto-trade (i.e., delegate the process to the bot), you still need to understand the basics. Otherwise, how are you going to assess how the software works?

Diversify your portfolio gradually. Don’t rush to buy all the coins at once. You can start with Bitcoin and add altcoins as your portfolio increases later. Not all of them are as profitable as Bitcoin.

Start from the minimum deposit. You may be tempted to invest more and, therefore, gain more. However, the risk of such a move increases significantly if an investor is inexperienced. Gain knowledge, then increase the budget.

Don’t deposit more than you can afford. If you aren’t afraid to lose $5,000, you can always try depositing the whole sum at once. However, most people would want to start with what you can really lose without significant consequences for their financial state.

BitProfit vs Regular Trading Systems

What about opting for a regular trading system instead of delegating the process to  BitProfit? Here is the data for you to consider to choose wisely.



Regular Trading System


Registration takes about a minute as a user needs to only provide their name, phone number, and email

The process varies from platform to platform. Some require a dozen rows to fill in and an equal number of documents.


Verification is simple and fast: a user just needs to prove their identity.

Sometimes, platforms oblige users to go through a complex verification process that can take up to several hours.

Types of trading

On the platform, you can choose whether to trade on your own or use a bot.

Typically, this includes manual trading exclusively, which requires constant attention, high concentration, and sufficient knowledge.

Main obstacles

The main obstacle is choosing which type of trading you prefer. From this point on, a user is constantly assisted by the platform’s representative.

Typically, many investors (especially beginners) lose money due to a lack of experience and proper guidance.

Success rate

The chances to win a trade (if you choose auto-trade) are 9/10.

The success highly depends on the user’s personal knowledge and actions.


An interface is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Depends on the platform. Some can be too complicated and unsuitable for novice cryptocurrency traders.


Having studied everything BitProfit has to offer, there is no doubt that it is a decent automated trading bot. Although it is still a new platform without too much information, many people are willing to try everything it promises.

Of course, as with all things crypto, we suggest you take your time to determine if BitProfit is the right crypto bot for you. Do your own research and see what other users are saying - although there aren't many reviews at the moment, it can be a useful idea to ask around the crypto trading communities.

BitProfit Review Summary 

77% Overall

BitProfit is a fairly new platform in the autotrading market, and so far it has shown great promise. From the accuracy of the algorithm to the non-existent commissions; quite a lot has helped this cryptobot attract attention.


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  • Altcoin (or alternative coins) is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.
  • Technical analysis is a method of examining and predicting price fluctuations based on historical data analysis. It’s usually implemented in auto-trading.
  • Stop-loss is an order that is executed when the trade reaches the predetermined price. Typically, it’s used to protect a trader from losses.
  • Live trading implies trading with real money on the crypto market live. It’s a complete opposite scenario compared to demo trading. 

Quantum Code Summary

???? Type

AI Trading Robot

???? Profit ratio


???? Minimum deposit

EUR 250

???? Software cost


???? Fees


???? Demo account


???? Assets


???? Withdrawal Time

24 Hours

????️ User data protection

Yes (AES 256-bit)

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Who is behind BitProfit?

Unfortunately, we do not know that either and could not find out. Since no imprint was to be found and in the terms and conditions and privacy policy only the reference to a third-party provider is to be found.

Is BitProfit a scam?

No, in contrast to the "kindred" offers circulating on the net, we were quite pleasantly surprised by the serious appearance of the provider.

What is the customer experience with BitProfit?

Mixed, and unfortunately it is not possible to find out whether the reviews are true.


Cryptocurrency trading entails a high risk and is not suited for all investors. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, degree of experience, and risk appetite before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose because there is a chance that you will lose some or all of your initial investment.

You should be aware of all the dangers connected with cryptocurrency trading and seek counsel from a financial expert who is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency exchange. This website's Bitcoin Era review, opinions, news, research, analysis, pricing, and other information are offered as general market commentary and do not represent investment advice.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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