Veggies Farm Game Review

Veggies Farm Game Review

Blockchain technology is developing at an extreme rate taking a leading role in the global market. Not only is it about cryptocurrencies and finance but also the gaming industry, that has started to be more related to this cutting-edge concept. 

Veggies Farm is a fast-growing blockchain P2E game that is based on collecting NFT PFP items or earning Matic coins. The NFT items can be traded through NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible tofuNFT, etc. The game combines the playing excitement with the satisfaction of reaping real profits. This way, Veggies Farm Game broke into the world of blockchain gaming and started to grip players’ attention, offering them a unique farming experience.

What is Veggies Farm Game?

Veggies Farm is a well-balanced farming game. It merges the excitement of upgrading your farm with the anticipation of growing seeds. A player starts by establishing a small farm. The game's key feature is grooming and developing your fields while turning them into a profitable operation.  Through planting and growing seeds as well as mining gold to attain valuable artifacts you establish a successful trading system. Last but not least, playing fun and interesting mini-games decrease the waiting period for your crops to be ready. 

What is Veggies Farm Game

Edgy Veggies

Veggies Farm team is constantly working on providing its audience with the best gaming experience. Based on the philosophy of a Play to Earn Game they have developed a randomly generated NFT Veggies Collection. This collection supported by the Polygon blockchain is available through Opensea. This is where users can find 1000 unique Veggies that will not be generated again during the game. The one who acquires Edgy Veggie benefits from in-game privileges. Those game advantages refer either to raising the building’s statistics and mining processes or reducing crop grow time.

Edgy Veggies

Veggies Farm NFT Assets

Veggies Farm includes various kinds of in-game NFT assets. The player who owns one can unlock multiple features and advantages in the game. Those assets are designed taking into consideration an ERC721 standard. They can be found on the Polygon chain, which is a gas-free blockchain. Those assets can be of two types:

  • Passes. Bronze, Silver, Gold Pass
  • Chests Bronze, Silver, Gold Chests

Both of those assets provide players with such privileges as enlarged warehouse capacity or in-game item packs. Users can also browse the games’ secondary market at Opensea to purchase more in-game items.

eggies Farm NFT Assets

Veggies Farm Monetizing Model

Veggies Farm is a P2E game that offers loyal players constant financial benefits. The game implies the use of MATIC coin which you can earn by being a frequent player. It also shares with its users 10% of the weekly game’s revenue. Moreover, players can win NFT PFP items that can be traded through NFT marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible, etc. Last but not least, we should mention that to ensure that all your transactions will succeed, the customer should have a wallet on Polygon Mainnet.

Veggies Farm Pros and Cons



  • User-friendly Interface. It is easy to get acquainted with the game rules.
  • Safe. The Game’s development team takes care of users' safety and privacy.
  • 24/7 customer support. Any problem that appears is faced at once by an experienced technical team.
  • Compatible with all devices. It is developed to work on iPhone, Android, and desktop.
  • The game is still in the process of development, thus, some features can not be applied.
  • It uses only one type of Crypto Coin.


  • 0% process: Every week new content and components are being added. All profits go to Marketing needs.
  • 10% process: Implementing “EARN” into the game. Loyal players receive MATIC for joining the game every day. Weekly Pool comes into existence by dividing 10% of weekly profits.
  • 25% process: Implementing new NFT items.
  • 40% process: Owners of Edgy Veggie NFT get a free WL spot at Veggies Farm events. Moreover, they can also authorize a PvP game mode.
  • 60% process: Applying a private in-game currency by minting a new Veggies Farm token.
    100% process: An exciting announcement about a new game.


A sudden boost of crypto coins has motivated a growing number of people to turn to digital currencies. Veggies Farm is a highly promising simulating farming game. Not only does it engage players in a thrilling gaming world but also allows them to get some crypto earning experience. Summing it up, users that join Veggies Farm World become a part of an innovating future that will offer them excitement and a respected amount of monthly returns. 

Veggies Farm Team

Igor Popoff — Co-owner of Veggies Farm Game 

Linked In

Sergey Sedliar — Co-owner of Veggies Farm Game 

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