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On March 24, 2021, Tayfun Taner and Tunahan Taner established TTcoin as a TRC20 token on the Tron infrastructure to be utilized as a payment method in TTcoin initiatives.

On June 16, the TTcoin team, which had been collecting data for the project until June 2021, began cloud mining for Android phones.

The first day that cloud mining was launched, it had more than 10,000 users. It had 1 million active users in less than two months. The TTcoin team's major goal is to use TTcoin as a payment option across a variety of institutions and organizations by 2022.

Basic Information

Unlike other false and futureless coins, TTcoin provides actual and practical projects to its users and investors. Because the TTcoin ecosystem's architecture is Tronscan, their only security infrastructure is to ensure the security of their wallets, social media accounts, and any project information.

TTcoin Network, a cloud mining service, uses Google infrastructure to keep user data safe. In their infrastructure, user data is displayed in encrypted form and is never shared with a third party.

Introduction to the Team

Introduction to the Team

TTcoin was founded by two people, three employees, and a total of five people (Excluding Global Representatives). In 2022, a working team of 100 persons is planned. The team's headquarters are in Malatya, Turkey.

The founders primarily conducted research in all areas and were successful in all of them. In 2018, they entered the crypto realm, where they have prior experience. They looked at cryptocurrencies and token ventures instead of investing.

The initials of the founders' names make up the name TTcoin. TTcoin / Tayfun Taner – Tunahan Taner.

Through these representatives, the team, which also picks representatives in the worldwide arena, can better assist their users in every country. The team has filled the year 2022 with huge projects for TTcoin, including partnerships with institutions and organizations in sports, electronics, and a variety of other disciplines.

One billion TTcoins has been granted to the team. The amount allotted to stock exchanges is included in the total amount allotted. 2 billion TTcoins are safely stored in a cold wallet by our team.

TTcoin Projects


A cold wallet that will hold TTcoin as well as a variety of other tokens.


The TTcoin ecosystem and your TTcoin infrastructure can be followed on this network.


This is a cryptocurrency exchange featuring a user-friendly interface for purchasing TTcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


TTcoin-branded electronics, apparel, and other items. Products will be sold through an eCommerce system.

Joint Stock Company TTcoin

The TTcoin brand and products will be connected with a joint-stock company.

TT Charity

Natural calamities of all kinds, humanitarian relief, and charitable organizations that will work in a variety of disciplines. TTcoin will behave based on the amount gained from the fee-fees that will be levied for the transactions that will be made. Aid will be provided in forestry, natural disasters, and a variety of other sectors.

 TTcoin Football club

TTcoin will be the name of the football club, and all transfers, including player transfers, will be made in TTcoin. TTcoin management, which will train young people and future footballers, will create new ground with the TTcoin facility project.

Airdrop of  TTcoin

TTcoin apps allow you to earn free money. Users help this project by joining communities, following it on social media, and contributing ideas and suggestions.

On June 16, 2021, the TTcoin Network app was launched. In just two months, it surpassed one million users. Every month, payments are due on a specific date. Our firm and our staff each pay 4 TRX for each user. On December 20, 2021, the AirDrop service will be discontinued.

TTcoin Compatible Wallets

TTcoin Compatible Wallets

Any TRX compliant wallet can be used to define and send TTcoin. TokenPocket Wallet and TronLink Pro wallets both accept TTcoin for trading. The user has authority over the TTcoins sent to their wallets, and he or she is accountable for any errors. To trade wallets, send TTcoin. For transmitting TTcoin, you must pay a charge, which is currently 4.3 TRX.


In less than a month, TTcoin, which debuted on the Indian stock exchange, has been listed on five different stock exchanges. The TTcoin Team is working on announcing its 2022 projects in the Global, with the goal of being listed on one stock exchange in each country. In a short period of time, it has become a symbol of attention in every industry, including social media profiles.


To learn more about TTcoin and the projects they plan on launching in the future visit them on


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