The community token Littlemoose (LMOOSE) is based on the BSC (BEP-20) blockchain. LMOOSE will be strengthened through involvement, promotion, and various technological applications and use cases.

Their main goal is to support and assist individuals who are in need. Everything they do revolves around this central goal. In addition, they intend to build a blockchain-based product ecosystem that will allow many people from all over the world to join them in this endeavor.

The token auto-rewards users simply for holding it, allowing them to generate passive income. 6 percent auto-reward is transferred to both burn and wallet addresses for each transaction, and 4 percent auto-burn is redistributed to the burn address. They have a roadmap that may be followed with intentions to develop practical applications, games, and NFT for use as a payment token (including tipping certain service employees).

It is also good to note that Littlemoose launched its first NFT on 20th December 2021. We will cover this in a short while

The Roadmap

November 2021

  • The official website, social media accounts, and whitepapers have been launched.
  • Create a foundation donation wallet, launch paid marketing, and seek information changes across several platforms.
  • Apps for Coingecko, CMC, and other platforms should be added.
  • Perform a professional audit and strive toward being listed on an exchange.

December 2021

  • Create, distribute, and sell NFT

February 2022

  • Increase the liquidity pool and begin the game's initial development phase.

April 2022

  • Design fresh Lmoose pictures, a new logo, a more professional video, and increased marketing efforts

August 2022

  • Create a marketplace for LMOOSE, with LMOOSE as a payment method.

February 2023

  • Test the game before deciding on a launch date.

June 2023

  • Worldwide marketing, global collaboration, and listing on more centralized exchanges are all options.

Littlemoose NFT's Backstory

There have been rumors about a secret tribe wearing the 'LMOOSE' emblem for at least 500 years. They were stated to exist for the people, alleviate poverty and provide hope to a wide range of families.

During the nighttime hours, when most people are sleeping, the secret tribe appears to stealthily visit poor people's homes and leave gifts outside their doors, each holding a gold coin with the 'LMOOSE' mark and other goodies.

Only a few people have heard of them, but that number is growing as they continue their adventure. So if you get a Littlemoose NFT, the secret tribe may give you a surprise on your doorstep.

Collection One

Collection One

There are 2000 Littlemoose NFT in this collection. It will be sold in the form of a mystery box, with NFTs of various Littlemoose personalities and styles being minted each time. It all comes down to speed and a little bit of luck.

Different eyes, mouths, headwear, clothing, neckwear, and background scenes are available.

It's worth noting that some of these types of clothing and accessories come in various colors, making each available combination one-of-a-kind.

Here is more information about collection one

  • The total supply: The initial collection contains 2000 NFTs.
  • There are 18 traits/backgrounds with various styles and colors.
  • The rarity: Snag in early to get a rare NFT, and then hope for the best with your combinations.
  • There are three different styles of headgear, three mouths, and three eyes make up the face
  • There are three forms of apparel and three types of neckwear for the body.


LMOOSE intends to expand into various valuable applications, including games, NFT, and more. Please take a peek at their roadmap and follow their website: https://lmoosecoin.com and their social media to stay up to date.


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