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Litecash is the first fork of the famous BEAM network, which is extremely private and safe. Litecash does not have a pre-mine or development reward, resulting in a fair launch. Because Beam is centralized because of its developers' influence, this new fork empowers the Litecash community to make its own future development decisions.

This is critical in order to realize the objective of being a completely decentralized privacy coin that keeps your money safe. Litecash has rapid speeds, one of the lowest transaction fees, and a currency supply that is more suited for utility use in everyday transactions than other privacy coins.

Litecash is supported and maintained by a group of dedicated community members and developers who own Litecash at open market value. Litecash promotes fair practices and no manipulation by its inventors by not having a pre-mine or founder's perks, which is difficult to find in other cryptocurrencies.

The community is incentivized to increase Litecash's value because it is community-funded and supported. This is necessary for the project's and $CASH holders' future growth.

True supply and demand, rather than market manipulation, will determine the value of $CASH.

Why Should You Invest in Litecash

Physical fiat currencies are convenient to use and are free of most expenses, but the modern world is going online, which presents new issues. Fiat currency and commodities were formerly effective at keeping your financial situation hidden from third parties, but major banks and governments have now discovered a means to digitally trace everything you own. When it comes to paying for products and services, Litecash aspires to be your preferred private currency. Litecash is private and unaffected by banks, restoring the kingship of $CASH.

Litecash is different from government-issued fiat because it is inflation-resistant, making it a better form of cash because the coins increase in value rather than depreciate over time. The project is also known for its scalability, which is achieved through mobile wallets, lightning-fast speeds, and low transaction costs.

Transaction fees are critical, yet crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum are unsustainable and unworkable for utility use since other projects have greater transaction fees. Using this to Litecash's advantage, in combination with a maximum Cap of 722.7 million coins, Litecash provides enough coins for daily consumption as well as a store of value around the world.




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  • Blog setup
  • How to Use a Linux Wallet


  • iOS Developers Wanted
  • Release of the MacOS wallet
  • Updates to the Website (ongoing)


  • The creation of an iOS wallet
  • Upgrades to wallet features (USD and BTC values)
  • Collaborations and Partnerships



  • The creation of an iOS wallet
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  • iOS wallet release
  • Tutorial on mining
  • Litecash trading lessons
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Litecash’s Features

Litecash’s Features
  • Easy to use - The Litecash wallet is meant to make sending and receiving CASH simple. Litecash attempts to provide the greatest user experience possible.
  • Mimblewimble - To maintain maximum anonymity, every transaction on Litecash is backed up by secret transactions.
  • Decentralised - Litecash is entirely supported by the community. There are no VCs, foundations, or corporations engaged.
  • Scalable - The lightweight Mimblewimble implementation employed by Litecash reduces the amount of storage capacity required to host a full node.
  • No founder’s reward - Litecash, like Dogecoin and Monero, is entirely funded by the public. Miners get 100% of the block reward.
  • ASIC resistance - Litecash plans to defend its ecosystem from ASIC manufacturers attempting to dominate our proof of work in the spirit of inclusivity.
  • Equihash 150.5 - Litecash mining uses a unique hashing algorithm. This information is not shared with any other project.
  • Fast, Safe and Private - Litecash attempts to give the best level of transaction privacy possible. Your personal information and financial transactions are kept private.


Privacy is a fundamental right that everyone in the world, especially in their financial lives, is entitled to. Litecash was born out of a need to address monetary challenges that have arisen in today's fast-paced, computerized world.



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I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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