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Efficient advertising of your product or services is one of the most crucial factors to boost the growth of your business in the modern market. Bitmedia is a bitcoin advertising network that has entered the cryptocurrency field providing hundreds of businesses with efficient bitcoin ads. Although crypto-ads are more sensitive than usual advertisements, Bitmedia is here to assure success and high-quality services for its clients. 

Bitmedia’s highly experienced team skilled in big data and high load technologies guarantees professionalism and success in the world of the crypto marketplace. They have introduced a unique algorithm that takes into consideration both the interests of every visitor and the history of impressions, aiming at efficient advertising spaces.

How Does Work?

Bitmedia has a leading position in Сrypto ad marketplace, taking advertising one step further. Bitmedia’s engine focuses on the visitors that are truly interested in crypto ads. This way, not only does it provide the viewer with the most applicable content but also helps publishers to target people that are truly interested in crypto- products. The most crucial point is that Bitmedia bridges the needs of the advertisers with those of the publishers aiming at their mutual benefit.

Being an Advertiser

Bitmedia’s network helps advertisers to attain all their goals by reaching new audiences and effectively promoting their cryptocurrency business. Furthermore, it offers a significantly high CTR (Click- Through- Rate) for CPC (Cost-Per-Click) as well as CPM (Cost-Per-Mile) traffic. Bitmedia cooperates with more than 7000 crypto-related websites and provides its advertisers with competitive bids.

It should be underlined that increasing your bitcoin traffic assures:

  • Attracting audience.
  • Efficient traffic/leads.
  • High-quality affordable ads.
  • Responsive and immediate support.
  • Extensive bitcoin ads targeting options.
  • Tracking click sources
Bitcoin advertising done right

Being a Publisher

Bitmedia ensures a secure, efficient, and user-friendly ad network for publishers, providing them with the following merits:

  • Instant Withdrawals. Instant payment with the bitcoin of your choice.
  • Competitive prices. The most profitable payment commissions in the market.
  • Simplicity. Fast and easy way to monetize web traffic.
  • Adaptivity. Adjustable Crypto ad formats provide an attractive view of the website.

In contrast to other crypto advertising networks, Bitmedia offers more flexible publishing conditions. It’s possible to set a minimum CPM that will allow your website to automatically turn down campaigns that pay less than the minimum agreed price. Moreover, publishers have the choice to be reimbursed either by choosing CPC or CPM or by switching between them. That's the reason why fast developing industries use Bitmedia’s network to monetize website traffic. 

publishers that already Payment System

Bitmedia as a bitcoin advertising network accepts BTC and ETH. However, it gives the choice to deposit also dollars or USDT. For every ad, the bottom level bid starts from 0.25$ concerning CPC campaigns or from 0.30$ for CPM campaigns. In the matter of the client’s starting budget, it can be deposited either in crypto-coins or payments with cards. There is no minimum or maximum budget if the choice is crypto-coins. However, for payments with a card, there is a bottom limit of 100$.

Bitmedia gives also the opportunity to put money on different campaigns from the client’s main balance which can be used also as an e-wallet. The most important fact is that the funds are flexible to be transferred between your campaigns. Summing up Bitmedia offers a highly efficient financial package for someone who wants to make a smart and profitable investment.

Pros and Cons of using Bitmedia



  • Users have total control of their ads.
  • High-quality publisher placements.
  • Aims towards the audience interested in crypto products.
  • Flexible monetizing conditions.
  • Instant and continuous support.
  • Tracking and control of click sources.
  • Advertising through geo-targeting tools.
  • Various currency choices as a starting budget.
  • Experienced anti-fraud team checking most of the clicks manually.
  • Limited advertising websites and advertisers.
  • Restrictions connected with the cryptocurrency industry.
Meet the most profitable


It is a fact that the sudden growth of crypto-coins motivated a growing number of people to turn to digital currencies. As a result of digitalization, companies choose to advertise their crypto products through specific platforms. Bitmedia is one of the leading networks of nowadays crypto ad marketplace. Customers that choose Bitmedia become a part of an innovating future that will be associated with tremendous changes in the crypto-advertising field. Reaching 30M+ audience PCM and gaining a position among the best UK startups for 2021, Bitmedia promises its client's high-quality services.



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