November 1, 2021

OneOf to release NFT for Grammy music awards

OneOf to release NFT for Grammy music awards

Music platform OneOf's non-interchangeable tokens has announced a partnership with the American National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. As part of the agreement, the project will release NFTs for the 64th, 65th and 66th annual Grammy music awards.

OneOf is positioning itself as a "green NFT platform" based on the Tezos blockchain, designed for the music community.

The tokens will be digital collectibles dedicated to Grammy winners and nominees. The partners have promised to reveal details in January 2022.

A portion of the profits from the sales will go to the National Academy's scholarship fund.

We are always looking for ways to help artists discover new forms of creative expression and create ways for fans to generate income and interact with artists, said academy co-president Panos Panay.

In May, OneOf raised $63 million in a seed funding round. It involved eco-activist Bill Tai, Jack Herrick, Suna Saeed of Nima Capital, Sangha Capital and Tezos Foundation.

Recall that in June, McLaren Racing announced a technical partnership with the Tezos blockchain project to create a platform of non-interchangeable tokens.

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