November 7, 2021

MetaMask added support for Bitfinex Pay

MetaMask added support for Bitfinex Pay

The popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask from ConsenSys added support for EIP-1155 standard NFT-tokens to the new version of the mobile application. This gives users the ability to work in more complex smart contracts through the MetaMask mobile app. And it will also reduce the price of gas.

In addition, MetaMask on November 5 began integrating support for the Bitfinex Pay payment gateway, which was launched in March 2021.

With MetaMask's wallet, users will be able to send funds through Bitfinex Pay. Sellers wishing to use this payment channel must first register an account and confirm their identity with Bitfinex. They will then have the option to add a special widget to their website.

MetaMask is a ubiquitous tool in the digital asset space, as evidenced by its broad user base and its role in attracting new users to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, said Bitfinex Pay CTO Paolo Ardoino in a conversation with Cointelegraph.

MetaMask does have an extensive user base and is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. At the end of the summer, the number of active MetaMask users exceeded 10 million. The year-over-year growth was more than 1,800%.

The popularity of cryptocurrency payment gateways is expected to gradually grow along with the spread of digital assets. Earlier, cryptocurrency exchange Binance launched its own solution - Binance Pay.

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