October 2, 2021

Grayscale adds Solana and Uniswap to Digital Large Cap Fund trust

Grayscale adds Solana and Uniswap to Digital Large Cap Fund trust

Digital asset manager Grayscale Investments has included the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) and the native token of the decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI) in the Digital Large Cap Fund trust.

In accordance with design criteria, we adjusted the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund portfolio by selling a certain number of existing components in proportion to their respective weights and used the proceeds to purchase Solana and Uniswap, the announcement reads.

The Digital Large Cap Fund was valued at $494.6 million as of Oct. 1. Its basket includes the following digital assets:

  • Bitcoin (62.19%);
  • Ethereum (26.08%);
  • Cardano (5.11%);
  • Solana (3.24%);
  • Uniswap (1.06%);
  • Chainlink (0.82%);
  • Litecoin (0.77%);
  • Bitcoin Cash (0.73%).

Grayscale Investments' total assets under management totaled $41.5 billion, with the largest fund being Bitcoin Trust - its AUM reached $29.96 billion.

The UNI token is also a component of the Grayscale DeFi Fund - it accounts for almost half (45.2%) of the structure's holdings.

This is the first time the company has used Solana as an investment vehicle. During September, the amount of blocked funds in the project increased by 185%. Earlier this month, the cryptocurrency surpassed Dogecoin and Polkadot in terms of capitalization. The ecosystem owes its success to the rapid development of the NFT direction and DeFi services.

Recall that in July, as part of the rebalancing Grayscale Investments added the cryptocurrency Cardano as a component of the Digital Large Cap Fund.

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