May 27, 2021

Driving the Crypto Rewards Industry: the Catalysts

Thanks to the development of various crypto reward and cashback projects, crypto users can now earn assets each time they shop, watch ads, play video games, etc.

With a ton of these reward projects springing up, we will as part of our weekly special discuss some of the best rewards projects out there in the crypto space.


This is a decentralized and web-based platform that enables users to earn rewards in the form of crypto each time they shop on some of their favorite online stores like; AliExpress, Microsoft, Walmart, Groupon, etc.

To earn crypto on this platform, you simply need to add your Bitcoin wallet address to their homepage, then pick from a list of retailers to shop from. Once the purchase is processed, you are rewarded with a certain percentage in 30 days.

Bear in mind that merchants or retailers have different interest rates, what you may get as a reward for shopping from one retailer may be completely different from the others.

There are unique interest rates.


Launched in 2017, this Australian-based project was designed primarily to reward users with rebates in the form of BTC. Armed with a distinct browser extension, BitcoinRewards lets users earn “SAT back” each time they shop from the over 1,500 retailers on their list.

To begin earning crypto on this platform, users are required to sign up, add the browser extension to their device, and pick from the list of retailers to shop from. Surprisingly, BitcoinRewards offers users rebates ranging from as low as 0.8% to as high as 40%.

Designed with a built-in Bitcoin wallet, these interest or rewards are sent directly to the users’ wallets created during the sign-up process.

One of the most profound features of this project is that it is available to everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, regardless of location. 


Arguably one of the best reward projects in the crypto space at the moment, Yamgo, launched in 2005 is the definition of a true “crypto reward project”.

Unlike any of the reward projects, Yamgo was built after careful study of the advertising world. Consumers had no incentive to either shop, view ads, play games, or carry out other activities. Yamgo solves that by developing an all-inclusive platform that offers users rewards in the form of crypto assets each time they undertake simple tasks on their platform. That's not all.

This platform recently partnered with AdsDax to solve two of the major problems of advertising — lack of incentive for viewers and careless use of consumers’ data.

On this crypto reward platform, you can earn rewards by carrying out activities like:

  • Viewing adverts 
  • Taking surveys 
  • Downloading apps
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games, etc.

To begin earning rewards on this platform, you’d simply need to sign up. Once that is done, you can begin earning crypto assets as rewards for tasks completed.

Finally, like BitcoinRewards, Yamgo is a user-friendly platform that anyone from anywhere can seamlessly make use of. 

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