July 20, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Jul 20, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

Crypto digest 20 jul 2021

📉 Bitcoin fell below $30,000 today.

🆘 The European Commission drafted a bill that would require companies conducting cryptocurrency transactions to collect the personal data of recipients and senders.

🏦 Rothschild Investment Corp has quadrupled its position in BTC since April. It owns 141,405 shares of GBTC (132.2 BTC).

BlockFi has been banned from bringing in new customers from New Jersey.

⚡️ Circle released USDC collateral data. It has 61% of its assets in cash and cash equivalents.

⚠️ In the coming months, U.S. authorities will release recommendations on the regulation of Stablecoin.

❌ U.S. lawmakers called on the country's Olympic Committee to ban the use of digital yuan in the Chinese Olympics.

💳 Mastercard will make it easier to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency.

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