July 19, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Jul 19, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

crypto digest 19 jul 2021

📉 Bitcoin is down to around $30,000 today.

🔥 Binance destroyed 1,296,728 BNB ($394 million) in its 16th quarterly burn.

Paraguay is preparing to legalize cryptocurrencies.

📈 The total supply of Stablecoins has exceeded $110 billion.

⛏ RAKIB announced a project to attract mining companies to Russia.

🇹 The Turkish government plans to introduce a bill regulating cryptocurrencies in October.

📨 Aave creator Stani Kulechev announced plans to launch a Twitter analog on Ethereum.

✨ CEO of Coinbase refuted statements of Dogecoin creator who criticized the crypto industry.

🏦 Grayscale will launch a new fund focused on the DeFi ecosystem.

💡 Crypto funds inflow last week was $2.9 million.

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