July 18, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Jul 18, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

crypto digest 18 jul 2021

📉 Bitcoin's mining difficulty dropped another 4.81% after another recalculation

⛏ The current mining complexity is 13.67 trillion hashes.

🚧 Fear and Greed Index has been steadily in the red zone for over 2 months

❔ The Fear and Greed Index is an index that reflects the current mood in the cryptosphere. Low values indicate fear in the crypto market and a desire to sell. High values, on the contrary, signal euphoria and excitement.

👀 Twitter statements about BTC lately are mostly negative

Aave protocol meFi Stani Kulechev.

💡 Users will be able to monetize their content and manage network rules.

👉 Will blockchain-based social networks replace Facebook and Twitter?

📨 Twitter analog will be launched on Ethereum blockchain

Stani Kulechev, the founder of the Aave protocol, popular in the DeFi ecosystem, announced plans to launch an analogue of Twitter social network based on Ethereum blockchain.

💡 Users will be able to monetize their content and manage the rules of the network.

🐕 Elon Musk tried again this weekend to pump Dogecoin

He changed his Twitter avatar. The photo shows a man wearing glasses and reflecting the shiba inu dog from the viral meme.

📈 On this background DOGE price grew from $0.17 to $0.2 (by 20%) and then began to fall. The cryptocurrency is now quoted at around $0.18.

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