July 14, 2021

The Cryptocurrency Digest Jul 14, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

The Cryptocurrencies Digest Jul 14, 2021

👀 Glassnode recorded a renewed outflow of BTC from crypto exchanges. 2,000 BTC a day are withdrawn from centralized sites. 

🗯 Cameron Winklevoss said his exchange Gemini will surpass Binance due to fully regulated operations. 

📈 Fidelity intends to hire up to 100 new employees for its crypto division due to growing demand for cryptocurrencies from institutional investors. 

✅ S&P launches five new crypto indices.

✨ Almaty prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against the financial pyramid scheme The Finiko. 

❌ Binance stopped accepting sterling payments due to the termination of cooperation with Faster Payments. 

🏦 Banks in the U.S. may replace crypto-exchanges

At the end of June it became known that NYDIG will build a cryptocurrency infrastructure for banks in the United States. About 650 banks and 24 million of their customers will have access to it. 

💰 The crypto investment company has partnered with a number of major payment firms and services to do this. This step will allow about half of all retail banks in the U.S. to support services for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies. Thus, they will become direct competitors for U.S. crypto-exchanges. 

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