August 10, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Aug 9, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

cryptocurrency digest aug 9 2021

🔥 Now it's even easier to take part in the 1 BTC draw.

⚠️ In the U.S. tomorrow may pass a bill that will "kill" the crypto industry in the country.

🚨 Israel's Mossad is looking for a cryptocurrency specialist.

💸 Net outflows from crypto funds in the past week amounted to $26 million.

📈 The Fear and Greed Index was in the green for the first time since May at 65.

👀 Tether printed 1,000,000,000 USDT for the first time since early June.

✨ Tether reported USDT collateral - the token is still 100% collateralized.

🚀 Amid rumors of Messi's move from Barcelona to PSG, the club's fan token rose 150%.

⛔️ The SEC fined Poloniex $10 million for allowing securities trading in the form of digital assets.

💡 Circle announced its intentions to become a "national commercial bank with a full reserve.

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