August 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Aug 17, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

cryptocurrency digest aug 17 2021

⚡️ 1inch has expanded to Optimism Level 2 solutions.

🤖 We prepared a piece on what Level 2 solutions are and why they are needed.

📑 Galaxy Digital has applied to launch a bitcoin ETF under the 1940 Act.

💰 Cryptoinvestment company Bitpanda raised $263 million at a valuation of $4.1 billion.

🚧 CFO Binance․US will serve as interim CEO.

Ethereum Deposit Contract 2.0 became the largest holder of ETH, with 6,733,698 ETH ($22 billion).

🤝 Facebook is in talks with Circle and Paxos, the issuers of the popular Stablecoin, about cooperation.

🔐 Poly Network invited a hacker to become a security advisor.

⚠️ Huobi and Bybit received a warning from the Spanish regulator.

🏦 Investment firm Tiger Global bought $680 million worth of Coinbase stock.

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