November 17, 2021

Brave browser has integrated its own cryptocurrency wallet

Brave browser has integrated its own cryptocurrency wallet

Privacy-oriented browser Brave has integrated a non-castodial wallet of its own design. Users can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies without having to install extensions.

According to the press release, Brave Wallet is built into the browser, reducing security risks and resource consumption of the user's device. The wallet allows transactions with EVM-compatible digital assets, as well as connectivity to other wallets and decentralized applications.

In addition, users can:

  • Watch quotation charts with CoinGecko data;
  • Exchange fiat for cryptocurrency through the Wyre platform;
  • Import wallet from extensions like MetaMask and hardware devices Trezor and Ledger;
  • Make transactions with NFT.

To access Brave Wallet, users need to upgrade their browser to version 1.32. They can also continue to use familiar extensions if they want to.

The wallet will get support for Solana blockchain in 2022. Earlier, the developers said that the integration will give users the ability to create accounts, perform crosschain swaps through the Solana DEX aggregator, send SPL tokens, and make transactions with NFT on that network.

As a reminder, Brave announced support for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem in March 2021.

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