US Space-Based Position, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board

Report on October 2015 Meeting by Matt Higgins, IGNSS President

In October 2015, I attended the most recent meeting of the US Position, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board in Boulder Colorado. The PNT Advisory Board is a Presidential committee that advises the U.S. Government on national and international PNT related issues and is currently convened by NASA.  I am one of the international members of the Board.

They also discussed questions about the implementation of blockchain technology in the space industry. One of the speakers said: "Blockchain technology is one of the most applied applications of space technology to solve terrestrial problems. We are taking a pioneering role in creating digital assets based on distributed registry (blockchain) technology in conjunction with space imagery and geoservices. Distributed registry technologies have great potential for applications in the areas of protecting space imagery from changes, interacting with consumers of services using secure smart contracts, accelerating transactions and simplifying document flow.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are penetrating more and more into people's lives, including space technology and navigation technology. In 2021, we decided to set a course for the application of cryptography, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in space.

Our team will focus on building new space projects on blockchain technology.

Why did we decide to change our focus to blockchain?

  • Cryptocurrencies help companies raise capital from large numbers of private investors
  • Cryptocurrencies are not subject to regulation
  • Cryptocurrencies are as transparent as possible and data is owned by all users at the same time, not any particular company
  • Blockchain gives an unprecedented level of security
  • The ability to automatically increase the capital of the company using automatic crypto trading bots. You could find list best crypto trading bots in UK on famous blockchain journal

How cryptocurrencies and blockchain can help navigation

  • With blockchain, you can attract large amounts of computing power in literally minutes
  • Neural networks that are built on blockchain can be used to take clearer space images of fields, forests, minerals

Blockchain and navigation - the new trend 2021-2025:

Ethereum is the second most capitalized cryptocurrency. It is the one that leads the top, which includes the best cryptocurrencies for steaming. The project team has been working for a long period of time on converting the coin from the energy-consuming PoW to the more environmentally friendly PoS mining algorithm.

Cardano (ADA) - The Cardano project was launched by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. Unlike ETH, ADA was immediately built on the basis of PoS. The cryptocurrency benefits from the first version of Ethereum's high transaction speed and the presence of a mechanism that allows Cardano investors to make money on stacking.

Polygon (MATIC) - Polygon is an attempt to scale ETH. The startup came in fourth place in BeInCrypto's ranking of the best cryptocurrencies for stacking.

Technically, the project is a second-tier protocol, which aims to unite all decentralized applications based on Ethereum. The developers of Polygon managed to reduce the cost of transactions between ETH blockchains and increase their level of security.

IOTA - A true innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. It offers a fundamentally new paradigm that can change everything. IOTA is also called "the cryptocurrency of the Internet of Things". It appeared five years ago, but has literally just become popular. As soon as it entered the exchange, it immediately broke into the Top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Monero - To recap, unlike bitcoin, Monero's issuance is not limited, but transactions take several times as much space as bitcoin. But that's not the interesting part. There are Russian ears sticking out. Overall, inexpensive transactions, good transfer speed, good mining

EOS is an evolution of the BitShares and Steemit currencies (which, by the way, were seriously criticized, which doesn't prevent BitShares from being close to the top 10 in terms of capitalization). It is based on a breakthrough technology that can be compared to the advent of blockchain. In theory, it could replace Ethereum or go into synergy with it.

In terms of technology, the project is better than Ethereum. Developers have created a new language, and now an operating system is being created on the EOS platform, on which it will already be possible to build individual applications.

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