August 16, 2021

Cryptocurrency Prices 12 Aug , 2021

cryptocurrency prices aug 12 2021

Bitcoin growth stopped. Yesterday the bulls closely pressed the previous local high of $46,700, but failed to overcome it. As a result, we saw a slight decrease in quotations to the levels slightly below $45,000, which caused an upward rebound.

Market capitalization of the whole crypto market had a chance to break through $2 trillion and grow even higher yesterday, however the decrease of the flagship of the market affected other cryptocurrencies as well.

Despite the relative weakness, some altcoins are showing good growth. Of the top 10, XRP stands out (+13%). As for the top 100, XDC grew by as much as 32%, IOTX by 27% and NANO by 15%.

UMI began to show upward movement after stabilizing at $0.16. The cryptocurrency is up 6% in the last 24 hours.

📍BTC $45,444 (-1.51%)
📍ETH $3,153 (-2.07%)
📍BNB $391 (+1.01%)
📍USDT $1 (0.05%)
📍ADA $1.82 (+2.33%)
📍XRP $1.02 (+13.42%)
📍DOGE $0.2749 (+2.5%)
📍USDC $1 (+0.06%)
📍DOT $21.32 (-2.12%)
📍UNI $28.98 (-3.42%)

📍XLM $0.3382 (+4%)
📍TRX $0.0865 (+6.09%)
📍UMI $0.17 (+6.25%)

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